‘WonBin and Me’

Posted on: February 1, 2009

I just finished ‘Marley and Me’ and my face is still a little tear-stained. The movie is a typical story of humans getting too attached to their pet dog and how it made an impact (or in that case) built their lives. It was nothing out of the ordinary except that it has my ever-favorite Owen Wilson in it (starring with Jen Aniston). Oh, and Mc Steamy (Eric Dane) is also there, playing – as usual – a man whore who is friends with Wilson.

Marley is an exceptional dog – a big bundle of rugrat which actually reminded me of our very own deranged and miserable mongrel WonBin. They are very much alike, I would say. They both chew everything they come across with- edible or not. Marley’s preference are furnitures, while WonBin thinks shoes and slippers are a foodfest. They are both big; as in human tall big when they are standing up. They both don’t listen to their humans and they are both afraid of thunder and loud noises. The big difference is Marley can be around people while WonBin just simply cannot. He isn’t trained and he only knows five people in his life – my family. He’s the type which would literally bite anyone who comes near him.

As a matter of fact, he’s bitten about four or five already and we almost gave him up for it. The last one was when he chewed on my brother-in-law’s leg just a few weeks ago. My mom especially would always say that there is no good in keeping him and had already planned on taking him to the dog pound a couple of times. But obviously, whatever’s left of their affection for WonBin got the best of them and gave him another chance.

Sometimes I think he has a mind of a human. He’s a a sensitive ‘little’ prick that wjhen you ignore him he’ll get mad and try to get you for it, either by ‘pretending’ for days that he doesn’t know you and growl at you, or take a piss at you. He surely knows how to take revenge.

WonBin isn’t really my dog although I was the one who bought him. He’s my little brother’s. Vinz is his human, not me but I love him just the same. And while watching Marley (Spoiler Alert!) die in the end, I thought about how I would feel if we lose him. To think that I already somehow prepared myself about that dog pound thing. Now that I think about it, I would surely cry if ever that happens. He’s just about just three years old and it looks like he has a lot more years to go. I just hope he’d stop biting people.

Now, I’m sure about one thing: dogs – they can really make people cry.


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