UP Naming Mahal… Going Back To Our Roots Part 2

Posted on: December 10, 2008

And so, Day 1 of the Alumni Homecoming ended with such a sweet mark into it with the alumni (and the students) singing a heartfelt rendition of our ‘UP Naming Mahal’. I was surprised I still know the lyrics… =)

The weather in Baguio was a bit unpredictable… Just as I was complaining that it wasn’t that cold, I would eat my words two minutes later, while rubbing my hands like a maniac because I was almost freezing to death. I’m not used to the cold weather anymore *sigh*

We stayed until past midnight at the campus.. until the doors of Bulwagang Juan Luna closed. The experience was something really great that the mere fact that we spent the entire day (16 hours!!!) inside the campus was overwhelming.


Day 2

The day started around 10am as we went back to UP to just hang around while selling Tiki’s stuff. But we didn’t stay long as there’s nothing much to do around the campus. Although we were secretly hoping that they would really serve something yummy for the ‘Pond Lunch Picnic’ which didn’t push through anyway.

Highlights probably would be the trip to the new SC office and buying that cool souvenir jacket, a chat with Manang Mane while indulging on her ‘mangga with bagoong’ (her story’s sad… I hope the UP Baguio students would continue fighting for her welfare), and.. sorry for this.. spying on my “crush” whom up to now, I don’t have a clue of whatever his name is… grrr..

The homecoming celebration was soon over… we had to leave for lunch since the picnic didn’t push through. It was sad leaving the campus ‘coz I know it would take a while before I’ll have the chance to come back. In my mind, I was blowing a goodbye kiss to my school and I am giving it a tight embrace. Just thinking about it now makes me miss it even more.

We, or at least I pigged out at the ‘Bahay na Sawali’ in SM. I would definitely recommend that place… food is great and the customer service is excellent. Then, we had to go for a break to run separate errands and just meet for the ‘farewell’ (?) dinner at Kat & Jang’s place. Of course, my Baguio trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Kaffee Klatsch so we spent the last few remaining hours of the night there while harassing the beatboxer of the performing band that night… hehe… kidding.

Kaffee Klatsch night

And then, it was Sunday… I had to leave… again… I didn’t want to leave… if that was even an option. But I know I’ll be back…in a few months, years… who knows. All I know is that this was one experience I would forever remember… until that time when we look back at today as “once upon our UP Days.”

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