UP Naming Mahal… Going Back To Our Roots

Posted on: December 9, 2008

Since I came back last August from my trip to the highlands up north, I could not help but count the days until that day when I will be reunited with my dear old Alma Mater – the “hills that have been my home” during my college years, and of course, with my dearest friends whom without, my memories would just be a big black void.

Last Thursday, I cut my working hours short to catch the 1:15 coach that would take me to Baguio for this long-awaited moment. The bus ride was something between a torture and a craddle of peace as I rummaged through my thoughts for those memorable years which sadly, seem too elusive for my dingy memory. Torture because I just couldn’t wait… I was staring out the window half the time, anticipating to witness the transformation of the lowlands to the majestic and overwhelming mountain ranges that signal that, alas, I was there. So near. So close to home.

Proud Alumnus

Action Commitment Solidarity!

Now, that was something that surprised me. I never considered Baguio my home or at least I never pictured myself living mi vida in this place. It’s too nice, too unreal for me since I am used to the chaos called Manila. But after this trip, I found myself pondering upon a very different perspective. I thought, I could belong here. Somehow, I think I could.

Upper Canteen

We used to hold our BC 107 (?) in here

It was past seven in the evening already when the bus stopped at the PNR station. Without any pauses, I grabbed a cab and headed straight to Don Henricos in Session Road to meet my friends (Tiki, Kat and Jang – the last two are my Baguio poster parents… hehe.. and I haven’t seen or talked to Tiki in ages!) for dinner. It was amazing how hearts were poured out and how words overflowed almost as if we never parted ways and half a decade of zero communication was put aside between Pizzas, fries and tap water.

Dinner at Don Hen with Tiki, Kat & Jang

The Alumni Homecoming was on a Friday. The familiarity of the school was really overwhelming that nostalgia came flooding in as soon as I saw Oble, glorious and never-changing. It was one of those moments when you want to just squeal and jump around and speak in a high-pitch excited tone regardless of who you are talking to. Registration started earlier than planned and we were among who were first in line. The registration fee was not bad at all considering that for Php500, you’ll be given Lunch, PM Snacks, Dinner (and a supposed) After Dinner Snacks, a kit complete with souvenir items like T-shirt, key chain, program, IDs and some other things.

With our kits

With my terror teacher Sir Jimmy Fong… hehe

With ‘Manang Mane’

Despite the fact that only very few showed up in our batch, the atmosphere was too festive; it didn’t provide any room for mopping and complaining. After all, a lot of alumni came – mostly oldies whose student IDs go as far back as 1960-somethings. There was this group of men (batch 70s, i think) who came in pack, complete with ‘uniforms’ proudly displaying the insignia of their Fraternity. Something like that really makes me all excited. Me and my batchmates were saying in ten years, we should plan something like that – going in full force complete with matching jackets or shirts or some stunning clothing piece.

Batch ’98 (kami na ‘to pramis!)

The rest of the first day was spent eating, selling Tiki’s merchandise, roaming around the campus, taking lots and I mean LOTS of pictures, spying on alumni eye-candies and (at least for me) fighting off the urge to hit someone (i wouldn’t tell) Me and my friends decided to stay and ditch the Torch Parade. But the hilarious part was that Kat and I ditched ‘Oblation Run’ for a quick fangirl moment with Jericho Rosales who was singing his heart out in a mini concert in a make-shift stage beside the Convention Center. Tsk…

Oblation Run

Fireworks by Beta Sigma Fraternity

The program continued on until a little after midnight with singing, dancing, monologues, a skit with the Kidlat Tahimik, spying on our favorite professors and lotsa jumping due to the very very cold weather.

Our school, our pride =)

As we sang ‘UP Naming Mahal’ which signaled the end of Day 1 of the ‘Alumni Homecoming’, with that chilly breeze seeming to hum along with us, I realized how much I truly love my school and how thankful I am that I did not push through with my plan to transfer to Diliman during my Junior year.


More stories on my next entry. I am insanely sleepy right now and my left foot injury is not making it any better…


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