Posted on: October 13, 2008

I am in-love.
… with a vampire. A teen-age vampire. His name is Edward Cullen.

I am totally into this new book which I am currently reading. It’s not actually that new (been sitting on our shelf for quite some time now) but I just had the urge to read it last Saturday when I was too lazy to do anything. The novel’s called ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer. What’s interesting is that they already made a film out of it and it will be in theaters on December 12 (have to check that).

I’m not even 1/4 of the book and yet, I am already head-over-heels in-‘like’ with Edward Cullen – the lead male character in the story. Guess who’s portraying him in the movie… It was Cedric Diggory (from Harry Potter Goblet of Fire & The Order of the Phoenix).His real name is Robert Pattinson and he… well, looks like a vampire. hehe.. young steaming h-o-t vampire! Imagine the younger version of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise combined in ‘The Interview with a Vampire’… that hot. The female lead character is named ‘Bella’ and she seems cool in the beginning but appears to be more and more pathetic (atleast in the book) towards the end (as my sister says).

‘Twilight’ is really famous among highschool students and teen avid readers but I don’t really care. I am an avid Harry Potter fan up to this day and I can be an Edward Cullen fan, right? Rumor has it that Potter fans who are also Cullen fans don’t really mind Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince movie screening being moved next year to make way for ‘Twilight’ (the movie). They cannot show Pattinson in two different characters at the same time; people would get confused.

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