Umagang Kay… Pfffttt..

Posted on: October 6, 2008

I have decided to be happy these past few days.. as if happiness can really be decided, right? But who cares.. I just thought I’ve been wallowing in the dark in the last few months and I’ve been too affected by even just the tiniest events in my life that I am already digging my own grave. And then, it hit me.. I don’t wanna die wearing a frown!

These days, I want to be Thet – the real one. The real Thet doesn’t care if she chooses not to care. She laughs like there’s no tomorrow and she smiles at her problems. She can easily be heartbroken by friends so she treasures them while they’re still around. She can easily be inspired by the person she likes. And most importantly, she looks her best all the time. =)

This morning, however, is a challenge. My rosolution is being put to the test. Less than 30 minutes after I arrived at work, my boss called me in. And guess what… you guessed that right. Sheez, I don’t even have to say.. its so unpredictable. Pffftttt…..

Anyway, my mood’s not been tarnished yet. Positivism won.. my EQ is too high to be deplated these days… except when… I don’t know… hehe… I just hope that this will go on and on and on…


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