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I am in-love.
… with a vampire. A teen-age vampire. His name is Edward Cullen.

I am totally into this new book which I am currently reading. It’s not actually that new (been sitting on our shelf for quite some time now) but I just had the urge to read it last Saturday when I was too lazy to do anything. The novel’s called ‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer. What’s interesting is that they already made a film out of it and it will be in theaters on December 12 (have to check that).

I’m not even 1/4 of the book and yet, I am already head-over-heels in-‘like’ with Edward Cullen – the lead male character in the story. Guess who’s portraying him in the movie… It was Cedric Diggory (from Harry Potter Goblet of Fire & The Order of the Phoenix).His real name is Robert Pattinson and he… well, looks like a vampire. hehe.. young steaming h-o-t vampire! Imagine the younger version of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise combined in ‘The Interview with a Vampire’… that hot. The female lead character is named ‘Bella’ and she seems cool in the beginning but appears to be more and more pathetic (atleast in the book) towards the end (as my sister says).

‘Twilight’ is really famous among highschool students and teen avid readers but I don’t really care. I am an avid Harry Potter fan up to this day and I can be an Edward Cullen fan, right? Rumor has it that Potter fans who are also Cullen fans don’t really mind Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince movie screening being moved next year to make way for ‘Twilight’ (the movie). They cannot show Pattinson in two different characters at the same time; people would get confused.


Good Friday morning!

Wow… I came to work really early today… as in 7:30 early. I guess my body clock hasn’t recovered yet from yesterday where I had to wake up at 4:30 am to be on time for this event that we have to be in. This morning, I woke up with a jolt, alarmed a little bit that I had overslept. And when I looked at the clock, it wasn’t even 5am yet. So, there. I have to get used to this because I have to make it up for the last few weeks (!) that I’ve been coming to the office very very late. It all boils down to motivation. I had none (at least here at work).

I hope today would be a great day. It’s too early to think about what may come out of it but positivism is a good start. My week’s been great so far. I had those little ‘scheizo’ moods but they were too momentary and I am happy about it. I swear, this environment is driving me insane. Sorry, didn’t mean to say it that way but dot dot dot.

I will be out the rest of the afternoon to be in that event again and I’ll be interviewing some people. I hope I’ll be at my best because there are times when I just don’t wanna be around people. Hate it but that’s me sometimes.

Gotta lotsa work to do… ’till later… =)

I was playing ‘Bookworm’ for three straight hours and I suddenly got bored and wrote this – non-stop, just let the words flow without putting any thought to it so forgive me it doesn’t make any sense. But you know what? It does make a lot of sense to me =)

When the clouds part I see your face and then the moon rises I soon forgot that you ARE my life. Your tears, they blur my vision… the visions of us walking along the sandy beach, arms entwined, promising each other forever… and then I fell down off to the bottom of the well, hit my head and realized that I was all alone and there was never a you. I scurried through the forests, hoping I could find you, to overcome my fear, my restlessness ‘coz you are my only peace. But you are far… two inches down my heart. You lost track of time, forgot that I was waiting for you and you wandered far off to nowhere and I have no idea and I am not expecting that you’ll be coming back for me. You said you’ve forgotten something and you would want to get it back. Why will you go when I’m here already infront of you? I’m shedding my tears because you are tearing my heart right before your eyes, right before my consciousness and I can’t do anything about it. You devour my pride mercilessly and yet you are crying about it. I pity us ‘coz we are holding on to something we can have, yet we believe we cannot. My faith died together with yours. I want to save it but you seem to let go. I am holding on tight, you are covering my hands, you are protecting me with your warmth. But the warm cools down in an instant, like a sunny day fading out, you brought the rain. I am telling the world I love you. No, I want you in my life. I can never live without you. I probably can but I choose not to. What will I do when you start going your way? Serendipity is surreal like your so-called love for me. But can these words bring you courage and make you say what you really feel? My serendipity is you and you don’t even know it. My serendipity is us.
I went into the garden, touching every plant within my reach, hoping that at the end of the maze, you’ll be waiting for me. I went on ahead, I saw a swing, covered in ravines; it looks treacherous, yet peaceful and I thought I wanted to die right there and then. I traced down my steps to the path where I found you.

I have decided to be happy these past few days.. as if happiness can really be decided, right? But who cares.. I just thought I’ve been wallowing in the dark in the last few months and I’ve been too affected by even just the tiniest events in my life that I am already digging my own grave. And then, it hit me.. I don’t wanna die wearing a frown!

These days, I want to be Thet – the real one. The real Thet doesn’t care if she chooses not to care. She laughs like there’s no tomorrow and she smiles at her problems. She can easily be heartbroken by friends so she treasures them while they’re still around. She can easily be inspired by the person she likes. And most importantly, she looks her best all the time. =)

This morning, however, is a challenge. My rosolution is being put to the test. Less than 30 minutes after I arrived at work, my boss called me in. And guess what… you guessed that right. Sheez, I don’t even have to say.. its so unpredictable. Pffftttt…..

Anyway, my mood’s not been tarnished yet. Positivism won.. my EQ is too high to be deplated these days… except when… I don’t know… hehe… I just hope that this will go on and on and on…

It wasn’t even six am yet and I was wide awake… to think that I didn’t sleep until 3am (had to finish something… a promise to a friend, which I didn’t finish anyway ‘coz I succumbed to the Zzzsss). I was awakened by the loud, annoying sound of Macarena booming through the whole house. Extremely irritated becuase of lack of sleep, I went downstairs ready to pounce on whoever was causing my misery and voila… I almost rolled down our stairs when I saw mom DANCING in the middle of our living room! Turns out she was practicing at 5:30 in the morning for their little dance number for their church anniversay presentaton later tonight. I thought that was it but then Lou Vega suddenly started singing Mambo No. 5 and I seriously thought it was the end of the world! Waaahhh….
I couldn’t get back to sleep… bleck…

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