An entry almost forgotten (Singaporing)

Posted on: September 27, 2008

I found this while I was browsing through my files… attempting to clean my hard drive as I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be long until this laptop crashes because it wouldn’t hold my files anymore…


12:30pm, Seat 28 (the last row on the plane)

I was asked by the PAL crew if I wanted a window seat and I eagerly answered YES! not knowing that I’ll be seating at the tail part of the plane which I absolutely hate. The turbulence is ten times stronger if you’re sitting on that area (like what I’m experiencing right now… I am just controlling my gagging bouts).
It’s my first time to take a PAL flight (to Singapore), ergo, it was my first time to experience the Centennial Terminal. For something with such a magnanimous name, the terminal facilities do not really reflect it. No doubt it looks better than the old terminal but it’s still far from the airports of HK, Singapore and Malaysia. I haven’t been to NAIA Terminal 3, which people say is just one bath short of these airports. Yea, probably…The Centennial Terminal looks.. err… dirty.
Anyway, I must hand it in to the efficiency of the crew at the Terminal in assisting passengers. Even the airport staff, particularly the Immigration officials, are way… errr.. approachable than the ones in the old terminal. They smile and that just amuses the h*ll out of me! I am used to not getting smiled at airports, except from occasional strangers whom I, forgive me, find a little weird.
Beside me were two OFWs who will just be passing through Singapore for their transfer flight to UAE – a girl, my age (as I caught a glimpse of her birth year in her passport while she’s filing up the Immigration card) and a guy she calls ‘kuya’ but from the looks of it, she doesn’t want him to be just ‘kuya’ (observation kills boredom and making up stories inside your head is innocuous)…they were flirting like mad as if I am not even here. Yep, I am writing this while they’re at it. Heaven forbid. Anyway, they look harmless and I can live with this so why not.
The food that was served wasn’t bad – a beef noodle something with a shrimp salad and a sylvanna for dessert… yummy! I am on my ‘takaw’ mode these past few days so despite the fact that the three-decker ham and egg sandwich and grande cappuccino that I gobbled up this morning at the airport haven’t been digested yet, I still finished my meal in a jiff. I busied myself eating rather than watch (and hear) my seatmates at their maximum flirting level. Ngii.
In a few minutes, we’ll be landing in Changi airport. Can’twait.

The next day, 9:30pm, Starbucks right across Fullerton

Tonight, I am watching the very slow movement of ‘The Eye’ in the distance. I can’t really see it spinning but Chin says it does. I originally wanted to experience the ride but it might not be worth it ‘coz most of the view would be constructions. It’s like half of Singapore is being constructed these days, you’d think cranes and giant forklifts are part of the city’s décor. Probably, part of it is because of the upcoming F1 Race. But really, I haven’t seen much construction in one block.
We are facing the Esplanade as well and the view is just too magnificent that I wanted to freeze it in time. I want to freeze the moment – me and my friends just chilling here, enjoying the cool night air while sipping our cups of tea. You’d think we are having a meeting, as we are all busy typing in our laptops.
We woke up a little late this morning so we missed the breakfast at the hotel. We grabbed some brunch in a random restaurant in Marina Square. Since last night, we haven’t eaten anything that’s really good – it’s either too spicy or too bland. Not amusing.
We spent the afternoon at the Orchard with Tere’s highschool friend, Ever. She’s really nice and easy to get along with, we feel like we know each other a long time already. We went to this shop in Plaza Singapura called Daiso where everything (as in everything!) is being sold at only 2 SGD. You’ll see a wide variety of things from cosmetics, to office supplies, to food to hardware, etc. I bought a laptop jacket, bookshelf stopper with a cat design and some colorful pens.
(I didn’t write anything after this… I was too busy Singaporing…)


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