Posted on: September 3, 2008

I’ve got THAT bug again… the bug of being ‘masungit’ and being not in the mood 70% of the time. PMS? Probably. A sudden change of heart? Emotional healing or on the brink of an emotional trauma? Hay, ewan… I think work is eating me alive again and it’s probably the stress that makes me a monster (like He-who-must-be-tamed!)

Funny thing is I know when I am being like this but the problem is no matter how many times I ‘breathe-in-breathe-out’ while my eyes are closed while commanding my nerves to just ‘chill’, I still can’t help but explode, especially when I come across people who can’t make my day any gloomier or when I’m caught up in a situation where I have to ‘just shut up and bear it’…

I really hate it when I’m like this because even the tiniest thing (sometimes not even worth the energy) can cause a friction that I just burn up. From a seemingly fleeting annoyance, I sometimes find myself on the verge of a full-pledge rage (although hindi naman destuctive… nearly lang). Maybe I need anger management.


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