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Posted on: September 2, 2008

I went out to dinner with my friends tonight and as usual, more than pigging out, the night turned out to be an almost four-hour talking marathon. It’s pretty funny how you start discussing things out of the blue (sometimes non-sense and sometimes a very intelligent one) and end up with some topic that is waaaaay off from your starting point.

Take our case for instance. At CPK, where we had our dinner, we were talking about how Glorietta used to look like (it was called Quad then), Martial Law, the Edsa Revolution, Imelda Marcos, Ninoy’s assassination, NN’s road to recovery, Erap and his wives and their not-so hidden wealth and some other intelligent topics that we find quite interesting. And yet, when we transferred to Starbucks for some caffeine abuse, the topics were diverted to showbiz, the pirated dvds (porn that is!) that are being sold explicitly in Baclaran, and… hold on tight for this… cockroach infestation.

Labo no?

It’s nearly 2am and my mind is still talking… if I can just shut it up…

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