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Nagpapa-discover… haha! Nah, I was just making fun of myself while killing time and playing with my bebe- my guitar. Here’s for my Creator… I’m sorry I’ve been losing my way lately…

(Please forgive me if the video’s lopsided, I don’t really know how to fix it…)

POWER OF YOUR LOVE (I forgot one whole line of the song…hee-hee…)

HERE I AM TO WORSHIP (I was messing up the music… haha)

I found this while I was browsing through my files… attempting to clean my hard drive as I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be long until this laptop crashes because it wouldn’t hold my files anymore…


12:30pm, Seat 28 (the last row on the plane)

I was asked by the PAL crew if I wanted a window seat and I eagerly answered YES! not knowing that I’ll be seating at the tail part of the plane which I absolutely hate. The turbulence is ten times stronger if you’re sitting on that area (like what I’m experiencing right now… I am just controlling my gagging bouts).
It’s my first time to take a PAL flight (to Singapore), ergo, it was my first time to experience the Centennial Terminal. For something with such a magnanimous name, the terminal facilities do not really reflect it. No doubt it looks better than the old terminal but it’s still far from the airports of HK, Singapore and Malaysia. I haven’t been to NAIA Terminal 3, which people say is just one bath short of these airports. Yea, probably…The Centennial Terminal looks.. err… dirty.
Anyway, I must hand it in to the efficiency of the crew at the Terminal in assisting passengers. Even the airport staff, particularly the Immigration officials, are way… errr.. approachable than the ones in the old terminal. They smile and that just amuses the h*ll out of me! I am used to not getting smiled at airports, except from occasional strangers whom I, forgive me, find a little weird.
Beside me were two OFWs who will just be passing through Singapore for their transfer flight to UAE – a girl, my age (as I caught a glimpse of her birth year in her passport while she’s filing up the Immigration card) and a guy she calls ‘kuya’ but from the looks of it, she doesn’t want him to be just ‘kuya’ (observation kills boredom and making up stories inside your head is innocuous)…they were flirting like mad as if I am not even here. Yep, I am writing this while they’re at it. Heaven forbid. Anyway, they look harmless and I can live with this so why not.
The food that was served wasn’t bad – a beef noodle something with a shrimp salad and a sylvanna for dessert… yummy! I am on my ‘takaw’ mode these past few days so despite the fact that the three-decker ham and egg sandwich and grande cappuccino that I gobbled up this morning at the airport haven’t been digested yet, I still finished my meal in a jiff. I busied myself eating rather than watch (and hear) my seatmates at their maximum flirting level. Ngii.
In a few minutes, we’ll be landing in Changi airport. Can’twait.

The next day, 9:30pm, Starbucks right across Fullerton

Tonight, I am watching the very slow movement of ‘The Eye’ in the distance. I can’t really see it spinning but Chin says it does. I originally wanted to experience the ride but it might not be worth it ‘coz most of the view would be constructions. It’s like half of Singapore is being constructed these days, you’d think cranes and giant forklifts are part of the city’s décor. Probably, part of it is because of the upcoming F1 Race. But really, I haven’t seen much construction in one block.
We are facing the Esplanade as well and the view is just too magnificent that I wanted to freeze it in time. I want to freeze the moment – me and my friends just chilling here, enjoying the cool night air while sipping our cups of tea. You’d think we are having a meeting, as we are all busy typing in our laptops.
We woke up a little late this morning so we missed the breakfast at the hotel. We grabbed some brunch in a random restaurant in Marina Square. Since last night, we haven’t eaten anything that’s really good – it’s either too spicy or too bland. Not amusing.
We spent the afternoon at the Orchard with Tere’s highschool friend, Ever. She’s really nice and easy to get along with, we feel like we know each other a long time already. We went to this shop in Plaza Singapura called Daiso where everything (as in everything!) is being sold at only 2 SGD. You’ll see a wide variety of things from cosmetics, to office supplies, to food to hardware, etc. I bought a laptop jacket, bookshelf stopper with a cat design and some colorful pens.
(I didn’t write anything after this… I was too busy Singaporing…)

Me and my sister came across this new tv series on cable tv (Velvet) and I must say, the first episode really did get our attention. We especially love the unique cinematography and the interesting characters that make up the story. Not to mention that this is the first Brit tv series that interested me.

The premise is basically about the struggles of four British teenagers who are attending a performing arts school (that’s what actualy interested me!). The story line is quite typical if you would think about it – a group of teeners who are trying very hard to make something of themselves, each one facing issues of his own.

Owen is the musician with the bad reputation, Lila is the writer who has problems with her mother, Kate is the actress trying to get somewhere without the help of her famous father, and Joe is the geeky boy who has a passion for working with lights. (

Reviews I’ve read said the show was only short-lived and lasted with only six episodes and there is still an ongoing petition of Nearly Famous fans for the continuation of the tv series. In any case, I will still be watching it…=)

Kahapon was somewhere between crazy and great. Crazy dahil biktima ako ng ‘Murphy’s Law’ almost all afternoon. At great dahil natapos ang buong araw ng masaya pa rin ako. =)

For the first time this week, maaga akong pumasok – as in 7:30 am aga – maaga na yun sa office namin dahil usually dumarating yung mga tao nang lampas 8am. Sa pila pa lang ng FX papuntang Ayala, mukhang biniyayaan na ko ng grasya dahil walang pila… okay na sana, nakangiti na sana yung umaga ko nang biglang may tumabi sakin na guy na yuppie na mukhang mayabang pero disente naman…eh sa middle part ako ng FX nakaupo at josko, kahit super sikip na eh pagkakasyahin pa din nila ang apat… kesehoda hindi kayo pare-pareho ng volume (a.k.a taba). Sa sobrang sikip e halos makipagpalit na sakin ng mukha yung mama at mukhang wala siyang care kung mistulang naaalibadbaran na ako na masyado siyang feeling close. Take note, may bitbit pa akong tatlong bag (araw-araw yun kaya wala na akong pag-asang tumangkad!). So, dahil ayokong mag-inarte dahil part naman ng ‘everyday FX adventures’ ko yun, e hinayaan ko na lang. Buti pala… kase pareho kami ng building na pinagta-trabahuhan ni yuppie at may chance na makasalubong (at makasabay ko siya) araw-araw.. e di trouble kung inaway ko di ba?

So, pagdating ko sa office, salang agad sa work dahil may meeting kami with ‘He-Who-Must-Be-Tamed ng 11:30. So buong umaga akong tuliro at nagpapanic dahil nafi-feel ko ngang makakatanggap na naman kami ng umaatikabong panenermon at pagpapagalit. Maririnig ko na naman yung mga classic na linya ng halimaw: “It’s not rocket science!”, “Cut the bullshit!”, “That is unacceptable according to me”, “Any Tom, Dick & Harry can do it! I can do it!” , “Bonehead” , “Morons” , “Idiot”, “Bugger” at kung anu-ano pang sweet endearments na ‘pag ikaw ang sinabihan e siguradong masusuntok mo siya (I nearly did.. hehe!).So, ayun na nga at hindi ako nagkamali. Wala pang sampung minuto kami nakababad sa hotseat e umulan na ng sabon, pangkula at palo-palo sa conference room. Buti na lang at hindi ko lahat nasalo. Actually, medyo nasanay na din siguro ako sa panenermon nya at labas-masok na lang sa tenga ko yung pinagsasasabi niya. So, deadma as usual. Sandali lang din halos yung meeting kase lunch na at damang-dama kong gutom na siya kaya ni-cut short niya yung meeting.

Maghapon yata akong wala sa sarili dahil sobrang unorganized yung thoughts ko… halo-halong kalamay… if you would try to peek inside my mind, pati ikaw mahihilo. Then after kumain ng uber late lunch, kailangan kong lumabas sandali for some errand. Ayon, medyo nakalma ang utak ko paglabas na paglabas ko ng office building… iba talaga ang hangin sa labas! (literal na hangin ang tinutukoy ko. why… go figure). Then, nagsimulang umatake si Murphy nung nagta-try ako magbook ng flight online. Sunod-sunod na kamalasan ang inabot ko sa internet. Una, ngayon ko lang napatunayan na may Cebu Pacific syndrome ang Philipine Airlines pagdating sa bilis ng pagpapalit ng ticket rates online. Halimbawa, kung ang rate ng isang roundtrip ticket ng isang international destination na nakuha mo ay medyo mura pa at this minute, try mong mag-refresh after a few minutes at malalaglag ang panga mo dahil the next thing you know, tumaas na agad yung rates niya…I mean, in a matter of minutes lang tataas na agad yung rates! What the?!? So ang ending e kung dalawa kayong nagbu-book for the same flight sa iisang computer, magkaiba na yung ticket rates nyo. In my case, nawindang ako dahil pagtapos ko magbook for myself at nung turn ng nung friend ko e nagdoble na yung price nung ticket for the same flight. Ang ending, hindi tuloy kami magkasabay aalis. Crap!!! Muntik pang ma-doble yung charging sa credit card nung kaibigan ko dahil biglang nawala yung internet connection habang kalagitnaan ng pagpa-process nung booking. Hindi ko pa alam ang customer service number ng PAL at nung nakatawag naman ako, ipinaglipat-lipat pa ako ng makakasagot sa inquiry ko. Grrr. Anyway, naayos naman sya bago matapos ang araw so happy ako.

Yung masayang part, nung dumating yung friend kong si Gelai after magpromise na dadalaw siya sa office (after ten years… hehe) at nakausap namin si Kaching na minsan na lang din magparamdam dahil happy siya ngayon… eherm… nagpaparinig ako (kidding!). At himala, inabot ng gabi si Wayne sa office na allergic sa OT. hehe. At dahil mistulang reunion, daldalang nag-umapaw ang mga sumunod na eksena, over Jollibee Spaghetti and Burger steak at Starbucks coffee. We also met David’s new girlfriend. Natutuwa lang ako ‘pag may bago akong kakilala.. ibig sabihin lumalaki ang mundo ko. =)

So, yun lang at nakalimutan ko na si mamang yuppie at yung umagang nakakabaliw.

Isa yata yun sa life’s greatest mysteries. Ang tawag ko jan- equilibrium. ‘Pag hindi maganda ang araw mo, sasaya naman ang gabi mo. Kung sobra-sobrang sama ng loob ang binibigay sayo ng trabaho, meron ka naman friends and family na makakapagpasaya sayo. Ganun lang yata talaga. So, kahit papa’no, I learned a lesson. ‘Wag masyadong seryoso sa buhay.. you’ll never know what can happen next.

Sorry, my mind won’t shut up =)

I’ve got THAT bug again… the bug of being ‘masungit’ and being not in the mood 70% of the time. PMS? Probably. A sudden change of heart? Emotional healing or on the brink of an emotional trauma? Hay, ewan… I think work is eating me alive again and it’s probably the stress that makes me a monster (like He-who-must-be-tamed!)

Funny thing is I know when I am being like this but the problem is no matter how many times I ‘breathe-in-breathe-out’ while my eyes are closed while commanding my nerves to just ‘chill’, I still can’t help but explode, especially when I come across people who can’t make my day any gloomier or when I’m caught up in a situation where I have to ‘just shut up and bear it’…

I really hate it when I’m like this because even the tiniest thing (sometimes not even worth the energy) can cause a friction that I just burn up. From a seemingly fleeting annoyance, I sometimes find myself on the verge of a full-pledge rage (although hindi naman destuctive… nearly lang). Maybe I need anger management.

I came across this site ( while I was pretending that I was researching something important for my article… hehe… nah, I was so tired and bored and just needed a break..

I played with some of my photos and… voila!

Wow! I got my very own billboard… tee-hee!

Obsessed?!? Ngiii…

I went out to dinner with my friends tonight and as usual, more than pigging out, the night turned out to be an almost four-hour talking marathon. It’s pretty funny how you start discussing things out of the blue (sometimes non-sense and sometimes a very intelligent one) and end up with some topic that is waaaaay off from your starting point.

Take our case for instance. At CPK, where we had our dinner, we were talking about how Glorietta used to look like (it was called Quad then), Martial Law, the Edsa Revolution, Imelda Marcos, Ninoy’s assassination, NN’s road to recovery, Erap and his wives and their not-so hidden wealth and some other intelligent topics that we find quite interesting. And yet, when we transferred to Starbucks for some caffeine abuse, the topics were diverted to showbiz, the pirated dvds (porn that is!) that are being sold explicitly in Baclaran, and… hold on tight for this… cockroach infestation.

Labo no?

It’s nearly 2am and my mind is still talking… if I can just shut it up…

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