Which part is that?

Posted on: August 27, 2008

This is the part where I go home at past 11pm, too tired and wanting to rest but just can’t sleep yet.

Instead, here I am attempting to put together a decent account of what happened to me today. As much as I would like to update the world (err.. not really… i don’t know if this blog’s even visible…) about my life’s what-nots, sometimes, the mood isn’t just there. Sometimes, I open this blog and sign-out after about three seconds. In the 15 minutes of my travel from my office to my house, I am able to think about a million things to tell the internet and yet, when this blank ‘post box’ stares at me right in the face, all my thoughts evaporate. I would really love to have something to put here everyday but my laziness overlapping with craziness just wouldn’t allow it.

Today is the part where my subconscious seems to bully my body and my mental state to lower their defenses again. I came to work with a running nose and I thought it was just a simple case of allergic-rhinitis… but NO! I used up two tissue rolls and two jumbo kleenex travel packs today and my trash bin was embarrasingly overflowing with snot-filled tissues. I looked like I was crying the whole day – eyes almost swollen and teary and a very red (and aching) nose to top it off. I am still having a slight fever as I am typing this but at least, the nose is back to normal.

My colleague said “Napapansin ko, ‘pag malapit na ang deadline, nagkakasakit ka…” Exactly. Come to think of it.. that could be true. No doubt I am having a lot of pressure these days because of the next issue’s impending release and probably my body is giving me a little warning or something. But heck… totoo nga… I just realized it and I find it quite amusing. Remember? Stress gave me one heck of a skin allergy – Pytiriasis something something and the marks are still here, etched on my skin.. a good ‘ol reminder of how miserable I WAS because of work.

Current body temperature: 38 degree celcius – Is this normal?

And because I was not feeling well and I am desperate to stop my nose from ‘crying’, I munched… chewed… gnawed… In other words, I ate A LOT. I have this crazy idea that chewing can make my running nose disappear. So, I consumed something that is equivalent to what a person thrice my size consumes when he / she is on an eat-all-you-can mode. So, that was the part where I became a self-confessed glutton.

And this… this is the part where I am cutting short my blog entry to satisfy my ‘Lucky Me Pancit Canton’ cravings. (^_^)v


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