I’m… back?

Posted on: August 26, 2008

I was so dreading this day but then I remembered… hey, this is the part where I am/should be going back to my normal life – me, myself and work. I am definitely not at all psyched but it somehow gives me a peace of mind. What the? Don’t ask…

I open this blog and find myself staring for minutes at my previous post and thinking – what the hell was I thinking? It shouldn’t be there… I never should have written it in the first place. I was fighting the urge to delete it. But I thought I shouldn’t ‘coz it was what I WAS feeling at that time so… yea, why not. =)

Thirty minutes ago (it’s 10pm now), I was sprawled in my bed, not wanting to get up. I am dead beat from my first normal day at work. (last week was like an excursion – I only went to work for two days, feeling mighty lazy… *guilty look*). I edited dozens of articles and wrote a couple for the next issue of AQ. It was draining.

I went home early hoping to continue what I was doing at work on the comfort of my bed but as soon as I had dinner and saw my pillows, I totally forgot about what I was planning to do and just hit the sack. I slept with a full stomach and was quite worried of having an indigestion. But then, I got up instantly the moment I heard ‘ate’ saying that she brought home some food *eyes shining with delight* Yumm… I am such a glutton. hay.. And I am still craving for something at this point. I am blaming food network for this.

In the midst of my busy sched, I found myself thinking of some things that I still want to do beyond work that could broaden my horizon and help me grow as a person. I’ve been practicing my guitar skills in the last few months, I’ve enrolled in a basic Mandarin class and I’ve been quite successful in raising the bar for my spiritual growth. Now, I want to volunteer to any charitable work or activity, I want to start a project of my own, I want to enroll in a baking / culinary class (medyo I’m tired of having the ‘aga-tikim’ all the time), I want to go to Phuket or Saigon by next year and most of all, push through with my ‘Grand Plan New Zealand’ =)

I guess the clouds above my head are slowly clearing up and I am just thankful…


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