Posted on: August 13, 2008

This is what happens when I am totally upset – I become the master word stringer; my creative juice overflows. This was written while I was sulking, eyes half-closed because I was almost asleep. I thought I just had to let it all out.

An ode to ‘He-Who-Must-Be-Tamed’… the ‘Dark Lord’ in the most literal sense of the word… I’m sure you know who am I talking about. =)

The Puppet Master

He is the dark cloud that covers up your hopes of getting through a day of supposedly pure bliss. He is a typhoon – wreaking havoc to the melancholy of your life. He is the one who will gnaw you alive until you’re nothing but bone scrap. He will feed on your brain and lap up your sweat, tears and blood until you scream dehydration. He’ll nosh sumptuously on your dignity and self-worth as desert. You are nothing but a melting candle in his evil eyes – a disgustful sight in itself. You are a prey and will remain to be while you remain in his colony. He knows everything like a good ‘ol mountain hermit for he has a sixth sense – senselessness.

In his world there is no ‘We’; it’s always ‘I’. ‘You’ is always an ‘I’ – imbecile, idiot, irrelevant. His ‘I’ is an ‘aye, aye, aye!’ He is a one way mirror who sees nothing but himself and his terrifying reflection deserves an oil canvass paint in the museum down from 20 feet under.

In the puppet master’s world, there are no candies and rainbows and white fluffy clouds. His world is an endless train track underneath an unending tunnel of stench. He derives ecstasy from one agonizing pain to another; your cries of torment are his Bach’s Prelude in C Minor – a symphony and an art, a creation of pleasure that cannot be missed.



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