Posted on: August 11, 2008

They say that when you throw a stone into the ocean, no matter how heavy or big it is, it will always find its way to the shore. What shore is that? I don’t really know; it doesn’t really matter. Point is, it does come back.

This thought made me reflect on how many people in my lifetime – family, friends, acquaintances, those whom I have never really met but I feel like I’ve known them – have come and go, have said hello, have said goodbye and then, there were those who didn’t say anything; they just left. How many bridges have been burned? How many bruises have I gained and how many scars are just about to heal?

One of my life’s greatest puzzles is that, why do people talk about forever when it doesn’t seem to exist at all? ‘Friends Forever’, Forever’s not enough, From now until forever… I mean, is there someone who has actually experienced it?
On to a lighter side but still some kind’a related story…

I’ve been talking about burnt bridges and all those saying goodbye stuff. But in the last few weeks I’ve been witnessing God’s love through some old friends who have suddenly decided to hike down my path. For me, these little encounters are the biggest things in life. It is one proof of how we are created in just one huge melting pot.

And so now I ask: Did I ever lose anything? =)


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