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I totally forgot that I’ve been sending out donation to the UNICEF for the last four months. I was reminded when I received this postcard a day before yesterday and I must say, it warms my heart =)


Weird, but I just saw her (and Tina) last Friday. We had dinner and coffee (as usual) and tons of chikahang ‘umaatikabo’ a-la Daily Ten

Probably, what I mean is I miss having her as an officemate whom I could see on a daily basis, have lunch with, and as an outlet whenever I feel bad about work. See, it’s never been the same since all my friends left me (well, physically they did) but I’m sure they’re just around there somewhere whenever I am on my ‘tag-praning’ days and need some ears to use up… =)

I actually miss you all =)

I think I am reverting to my old Sunday ways and I am not liking it. Sunday for me used to be a bummer’s day; meaning, it was me, my bed and the TV. I could like let a whole day pass without going out of my room, except for an occasional trip to the cr and to get myself some food. I told myself while it is good to do that sometimes, I wouldn’t want to waste my time anymore doing nothing. Plus, I kind of promised to devote the first half of the day with my ‘date’ with God. Unfortunately, I haven’t been too successful with both. Well, today might be an exception ‘coz I am still not feeling well. I missed Church again… tsk… Mom even did my laundry for me today and I totally adore her even more.
Anyway, I guess there isn’t really much to tell ‘coz I didn’t do anything or at least nothing interesting happened today. I’ll just share these videos of my new found fave ‘earplug’, Brooke Fraser.

DECIPHERING ME (this one’s my favorite!=))

wow. a month almost passed by and i am too sick to notice it.

I don’t even know if this is still normal because I’ve been having fever (on and off) since last week (July 10 to be exact). My temperature is so unstable that I only got to report to work for two days this week (or last?). I must admit, my brain’s not been functioning well in the last couple of weeks and I wasn’t all up for work (especially after I got that too-brutal-to-forget bashing from the hell spawn at work). I think the v-cay mode has something to do with this too.

See, our company had this little ‘outing‘ last July 10 and 11 at this very nice Caylabne Bay Resort somewhere in Cavite. Damn, it was far and the road going there is like Marcos Highway and Kenon Road combined. Very very lucky me – I got fever on our first night there so I didn’t get to enjoy much whatever happenings they had (card games, bonding time, etc.) ‘coz I slept really early. I was still a little bit under the weather on the second day but instead of sulking, I jumped into the pool and just enjoyed what was left of the day.

The following day, me and my siblings were off to Hong Kong. We didn’t even sleep ‘coz our flight was at 5am and we had to be at the airport around 3am. Try looking at these pictures and see how our eyebags almost ate half our faces. (hehe!) But it was worth it ‘coz I had a very great time with my ate and ‘kuya’… even if i was super masungit half the time (pms… tsk… and lack of sleep…) We stayed in this very nice hotel in Northpoint (pros- it’s strategically located near the subway station and the rooms are really nice; con – it is at a marketplace!) and we loved it. We got to know Xiang Gang (Chinese for HK) very well in those three days ‘coz we were walking and just taking the MTR all the time to save some bucks. Our second day was spent In Disneyland which I swear, was a lot better than the last time I saw it. They have this new attraction called ‘It’s a Small World’ where different countries of the world are represented and little dolls dressed in their national costumes are singing ‘It’s a small world (afterall!)’ in their own languages. Of course, the Philippines is there. =) While it’s actually for kids, we enjoyed it a lot!

The rest of the HK trip can be summarized into more walking and trips to Starbucks! Yup, a trip for me is not complete without my cup of (starbucks) coffee =)

So, we got home in the wee hours of Tuesday morning and guess what – I was back with a fever! Kamusta naman? I swear, this virus is clinging to me like crazy. And this time, I got the bonuses – cough and colds. So, I ended up staying home (but still working since I got my laptop with me) last Tuesday and when I felt a little better, I went to work the following day (Wednesday). But as expected, I went home like a sickly kitten, having chills the rest of the night so I was bedridden come Thursday. But since I am a self-confessed idiot, I went to work again yesterday (Friday), coughing my way through the day. It was stupid but it was okay. I also missed my Mandarin classes on purpose to meet up and have dinner with my friends – C & T. The rest didn’t show up (as usual!) But again, it was okay and it was a very fun (sickly) night! =)

So, there… that’s what happened.

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