One of my most favorite guys in the world…

Posted on: June 20, 2008



I just thought that it’s time I write something about this person.

This is Wayne – my closest (or so I think) guy pal in the office.

Wayne is a person that I DON’T understand or get at all. It’s like he has his own little world, bolted with a very heavy steel door; you need a tremendous amount of effort before you could come in but once you’re inside, you’re in for a lot of treat. But this very character of his is what actually makes him [a] special…(child)… kiddin’

He is an insensitive little dweeb that could make my head explode because of his naive-bordering-on-‘cluelessness’ little ways that sometimes, you’d think he’s doing it on purpose just to make you angry. He’s also that person who could make me throw my guts out from too much laughing ‘coz of his natural goofiness and funny little antics. He can make me laugh without even opening his mouth. And he can also make me angry because he doesn’t say anything even if he needs to.

He is my constant companion on my usual trips to food-hunting (whenever I crave for anything!), to convenience stores, to the banks, and anywhere outside the confines of our office whenever I feel like seeing the bustling outside world. He’s that person you can easily drag around wherever… whenever (basta office hours and he’s not doing anything or is too lazy to do anything just yet!)

He’s the most stingy person I know…. although I noticed, these days, the ‘kakuriputan‘ is waning a little bit. But I bow down to his discipline and self-control and his will to do things the right way. Most importantly, I sincerely appreciate his patience to keep up with me and my crazy sometimes-hard-to-deal-with ways.

Xie xie ni wo de peng you! v(^_^)v


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