Musings on the Hillsong United concert

Posted on: May 31, 2008

I feel a little guilty.

I gushed non-stop about that surreal but very very nice close encounter with Jad Gillies of Hillsong United (still can’t stop smiling just thinking about it!) but I haven’t once mentioned (atleast in my blog) what Hillsong’s concert brought in my spiritual being that night. No doubt about it, the concert was very uplifting and it was a real blessing. It was very overwhelming to see (probably) more than 20,000 people singing praises and worshiping God for two and a half hours!

I must admit, I didn’t know anyone from Hillsong United before the concert but I know most (not all, okay?!) of their songs by heart. In a way, I could say that I was really there not to adore the band members but to praise and worship Jesus (which is great!). I wonder if most of the people were there for the same reason. Hillsong United really made the worship night all fired up within each and every person in the coliseum and the spirit soaring high . Even my friend, who’s not really a fan, looked like she felt the spirit within her.

I wasn’t all crazy at the beginning but when the band started playing ‘Take It All’, I lost all inhibitions and just sang and danced and clapped and jumped like it would be my last. It felt exhilarating and just great! I was so caught up in the music that I was almost near tears when they sang that song about healing (a song composed by Joel Houston’s friend who was diagnosed with cansert and is continuously battling it)…

All in all, I wouldn’t exchange that night for anything…. =)

Here are the list of songs (from what I can remember) that the band played:

Time Has Come
Take It all
What the world will never take
My Future Decided
All I Need is You
Mighty to save
Shout Unto God
The Stand
Break Free
Look To You
Salvation is Here
More than life
None But Jesus
From the Inside out
Came to my rescue
Savior King
Tell The world
One Way Jesus

Here are some pics (courtesy of Lisa’s multiply page from Chin’s cam)…
… and also here (taken using my KRZR cam phone)


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