A bluff.

Posted on: April 25, 2008

Dear Friends,

This is my last day on earth. And I’ll be saying goodbye with such sweetness that you wouldn’t really forget me. My life has been meaningful and happy and rainbow-colored because you all have been there throughout – at my lowest and at my highest. And more than the company, the laughter and the memories, it is the meaning that you’ve drawn upon me that I will treasure the most.

Now I know why I liked looking at clouds so much, why I could stare for hours at these white fluffy ‘things’ without getting tired, without blinking my eyes, without failing to shed a tear. I knew I’d be here walking one day with such innocent grace. I’ll be walking barefoot on my white and red polka-dot dress with the wind blowing on my face. With my hair and my dress swaying along the silent rhythm.

I’ll be remembering you dear friends. I’ll be watching you from where I’ll be. I’ll be speaking to you through the wind and I’ll be singing you life’s sweetest hymns. I’ll be giving you back my love -so imperfect yet tangible.

I’ll be that someone who’ll be with you forever.


No, I am not yet going. I couldn’t think of anything to write about so I thought it would be neat to write my would-be last unspoken words. A bit dramatic, don’t you think?


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