Night outs with the ‘goofy bunch’

Posted on: April 4, 2008

Last night was the fourth time this week that I didn’t go home early and didn’t eat dinner at home, much to my pop’s dismay and the reason of our arguments (I always spend time elsewhere… I always go home late… I was always out… blah… blah… blah…) . I think I have to blame Kaching since she’s the reason why we’re getting together every other night (‘coz she’ll be going back to Singapore again soon)… Just kiddin’.

Last Monday, I met up with Tina at Coffee Bean to just talk and unwind. Tuesday was the first night that Kach was here so we spent some time at ‘Fuzion’ Greenbelt (really love hanging out at their bed-turned-couch) while I was enduring a very very bad headache. Wednesday night was my ‘me’ time so I got a full-body massage and just enjoyed a full night of relaxation. Met with my sister for dinner afterwards. And last night was another enjoyable and memorable night as I, once again, got those stomach cramps from too much laughing. The conversation was such a sitcom. Our favorite (and probably one of the most memorable) topic was the classic ‘Where the hell is Cynthia Patag?’ It all started one fine afternoon at work. We were listening to an oldies song from my playlist…

Me: Kaboses ni Cynthia Patag yung kumakanta…

(everyone ponders and laughs at the idea)

Wayne: Nasa’n na nga kaya ngayon si Cynthia Patag no?

Me: Malay… try mo i-email… baka sakaling sumagot…

(… then an outburst of laughter) What followed was an intense discussion on the suspected whereabouts of Cynthia Patag, the possibilities and the probabilities, the alleged existence of a ‘’ website that could shed some light on the matter. Then came reminiscing how she looked like with the big stuffed toy and her irritatingly huge ribbon and short shorts and, of course, the nasal high-pitched voice! Nonsense as this may seem and no matter how deluded and stupid the topic is, this is where we laugh our hearts out.

These goofy people really make my day.


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