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Dear Friends,

This is my last day on earth. And I’ll be saying goodbye with such sweetness that you wouldn’t really forget me. My life has been meaningful and happy and rainbow-colored because you all have been there throughout – at my lowest and at my highest. And more than the company, the laughter and the memories, it is the meaning that you’ve drawn upon me that I will treasure the most.

Now I know why I liked looking at clouds so much, why I could stare for hours at these white fluffy ‘things’ without getting tired, without blinking my eyes, without failing to shed a tear. I knew I’d be here walking one day with such innocent grace. I’ll be walking barefoot on my white and red polka-dot dress with the wind blowing on my face. With my hair and my dress swaying along the silent rhythm.

I’ll be remembering you dear friends. I’ll be watching you from where I’ll be. I’ll be speaking to you through the wind and I’ll be singing you life’s sweetest hymns. I’ll be giving you back my love -so imperfect yet tangible.

I’ll be that someone who’ll be with you forever.


No, I am not yet going. I couldn’t think of anything to write about so I thought it would be neat to write my would-be last unspoken words. A bit dramatic, don’t you think?


A song by Taylor Swift… certified cheezy but I am so liking it…

In this world, there exist all kinds of people and we try very hard to find our place in it and find peace among ourselves. We strive hard to be happy; sometimes ignoring the fact that happiness isn’t really achieved by merely addressing our whims or our wants or, even sometimes, our needs.

I have had that share of being at a total lost, succumbing to my pessimistic views and wanting to be just happy. I didn’t even know what would make me one. My understanding was too shallow in fact that I was almost convinced that laughing my heart out, being in the company of my friends, having a decent job or having a peaceful home were all it meant to be happy. But as I grow deeper into my relationship with God, I knew in an instant that there is definitely more to it than just that.

Before I started attending Church again, I was worried about being bound by religious practices. By that I mean being compelled to go to Church every Sunday or doing this whole ministry thing and ‘saving’ other people. I had a very different understanding of what it means to be a Christian. It’s not that I got it all wrong; let’s just say that I do have a more profound understanding now of what being Christian is all about.

As much as I think that I am not prepared yet, I am looking forward to the day when I would start touching lives and taking part in ministries at the Church. I am taking it one giant step at a time. I learned four important points in today’s church service: 1) that God is the provider / manufacturer and we, merely distributors (of His grace); 2) we should know what people need; 3) There isn’t really such a thing as ‘Love is blind’ ; and 4) Give all the glory back unto God.

I’ve seen many people act like they own the world or as if they are God’s greatest gifts to mankind and only them can fulfill whatever lacks in this world. Hate to crash some egos but they think very wrong of themselves. There is only one provider and that is God. He ‘manufactures’ whatever we people need and we are tasked to distribute it to whoever needs it. This is where sharing the word of God comes in.

And sadly, this is where the porcupines and the sea urchins come out… the porcupines and the sea urchins among people… among US. When people need something, they tend to be embarrased when someone suddenly turns up and offers a helping hand to address their needs. Sometimes, I am a sea urchin wallowing in my own flood of needs and I tend to prick and deflate the life jacket that is being thrown at me for shame and for putting my pride down. I’m sure there are lots of people out there who feel the same way. I’ve seen and met them. I learned that instead of turning our backs on them and just heal whatever wounds they’ve caused us (because of their spikes), we should try to embrace them more. Not because love is blind but because love is the truth. We only found the truth in God’s words and that is what He is telling us — to love others as He loves us. And when we start making them believe, we should bring glory not upon ourselves but back unto God.

I have met a lot of porcupines and sea urchins in my life and boy, they never fail to bring me pain, to cut me deep, leaving me emotional wounds that take time to heal. I still am hurt and my heart is still screaming with hatred But I promise, I’ll be working hard to get it off my system.

Last night was the fourth time this week that I didn’t go home early and didn’t eat dinner at home, much to my pop’s dismay and the reason of our arguments (I always spend time elsewhere… I always go home late… I was always out… blah… blah… blah…) . I think I have to blame Kaching since she’s the reason why we’re getting together every other night (‘coz she’ll be going back to Singapore again soon)… Just kiddin’.

Last Monday, I met up with Tina at Coffee Bean to just talk and unwind. Tuesday was the first night that Kach was here so we spent some time at ‘Fuzion’ Greenbelt (really love hanging out at their bed-turned-couch) while I was enduring a very very bad headache. Wednesday night was my ‘me’ time so I got a full-body massage and just enjoyed a full night of relaxation. Met with my sister for dinner afterwards. And last night was another enjoyable and memorable night as I, once again, got those stomach cramps from too much laughing. The conversation was such a sitcom. Our favorite (and probably one of the most memorable) topic was the classic ‘Where the hell is Cynthia Patag?’ It all started one fine afternoon at work. We were listening to an oldies song from my playlist…

Me: Kaboses ni Cynthia Patag yung kumakanta…

(everyone ponders and laughs at the idea)

Wayne: Nasa’n na nga kaya ngayon si Cynthia Patag no?

Me: Malay… try mo i-email… baka sakaling sumagot…

(… then an outburst of laughter) What followed was an intense discussion on the suspected whereabouts of Cynthia Patag, the possibilities and the probabilities, the alleged existence of a ‘’ website that could shed some light on the matter. Then came reminiscing how she looked like with the big stuffed toy and her irritatingly huge ribbon and short shorts and, of course, the nasal high-pitched voice! Nonsense as this may seem and no matter how deluded and stupid the topic is, this is where we laugh our hearts out.

These goofy people really make my day.

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