I’m happy.

Posted on: February 13, 2008

I’m standing between this world and a dream…
but i know… this is the REAL thing…

This song keeps singing in my head lah

Anyway, after a very enjoyable field day yesterday, I’m back to the pits of hell (ooppss…) I didn’t report to work to go to my doctor (but I wasn’t able to). I was somewhere far down South meeting other people and exploring a whole lot of different world – the world of drawings and designs, architecture and engineering and CAD… huh??? I was doing a part-time technical writing stuff so I had to come down to their office to meet the people whom I’ll be working with. I met this guy, probably in his40s who reminds me of the pretty dude… it felt… weird. I guess I am really past that stage where the world turns upside down when I’m reminded of that person. Ooh… does this mean I am way over him? haha.. I’d like to think so.

Working yesterday on something that isn’t related to what I really do (and outside of that place called the “office”) is somewhat fascinating. I was enthusiastic and overwhelmed at the same time. I felt like a kid who’s attending her first day in school. It was very exciting. I haven’t had that feeling in the last two years. You probably know why.

I can’t thank God enough that He’s finally revealing life’s little surprises to me. One by one… little by little. And it makes me happy… genuinely happy.

I was torn if I’d skip work again today (that was the original plan) to report to the other office. But then again, there was a strong tugging at my conscience, not to mention, I was suppose to have a meeting with my boss, so I decided to go to work. To my dismay, however, the meeting was canceled and I was bombarded with a lot of magazine-related stuff to do. Oh, well, I guess that’s really how it works.

For now, I have stuff to keep myself busy


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