Going once, going twice…

Posted on: February 9, 2008

one more gone, one to go and still, i stay…

yesterday, another one ‘celebrated’ her last day at work and come next week, another one would leave the company with that genuine smile on her face. I am really happy for them. I guess, I’ll just miss the company. Just when we are getting to know each other, they leave. Sad, isn’t it?

Last Thursday, I finally told my boss that I have offers for another job. Man, I don’t know if it’s just me or did I really saw his ‘coolness’ died down a little? I hate to brag, but I feel he was a little shaken by my news. He suddenly offered me increased salary, was nice all of a sudden and promised a lot of things. Had I’ve been a newbie, I’d be elated by these promises, but nuh-ah… been there, saw that, been disappointed a lot of times by that. So, I am still considering the other offer. Although I suddenly had a slight tugging in my conscience about the ‘baby’ I am leaving behind (in case you are thinking I am referring to a person, I am most certainly not)… I guess I have to stop being so nice about that if I want to move on. They would have to get someone to replace me and continue that magazine venture ‘coz I think it would be a big waste. I really hate it when he said that he would fold it up once I’m gone. Don’t you think it is stupid? If I was able to do it, I’m sure there is someone out there who can do what I did for this magazine. Or he’s just probably bluffing. To be honest, I almost care less.

I am still thinking of leaving. When? That I have to figure.


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