In sickness and in health

Posted on: January 28, 2008

No, I am not going to blab about weddings and all those ‘I do’ crappy stuff… I am far from having one anyway. I am going to talk about my mom. I am feeling extra cheesy and mushy today that I want to reflect on my current relationship with her.
As everybody knows, (or at least those who were ‘lucky’ enough to hear my everyday rantings), I have quite a typical mother-daughter relationship with my mom; that love-hate thing can be very usual… so usual in fact that it pretty much defines all.
I didn’t go to work today because I had to go and see a doctor for my check up (for the -nth time) for my skin condition. I was supposed to undergo a biopsy but the dermatologist suggested otherwise since the progress of whatever this irritating rashes are weren’t that drastic. Cool.
So, who else can go with me but my mom. She had to call in sick just to be able to accompany me and since I am pathetically broke these past few weeks, she had to pay for my check-up and medicines as well. I’ve spent a lot (my saving’s near to extinction) for my weekly check-ups and all those medicines that I had to take. I never imagined I would splurge so much on something which I don’t really like, but I need. Sucks, really especially when you want to buy something but you cannot because you have to save the money for emergencies like this.
Anyway, while I was walking hand-in-hand with mom on our way to the drugstore after my check-up, I realized that I haven’t really spent long hours alone with mama in a long time. I can’t remember when was the last time we went out for a walk or grocery shopping or whatever. Maybe it’s because I think (and my sister would agree with me on this), it’s hard to be around mom. We don’t know why but we often say how we can never be in the same room with her for a minute without ending up arguing. It seems that we cannot agree on something anymore. This afternoon, while spending time with her, I realized how much I miss her. Or how I don’t feel ashame, sleeping and leaning on her shoulders while in a jeepney. I used to do that a lot before; I can’t remember when did I stop or why. It was a little saddening realization.
I just thought that no matter how far we go in life, there is this innate feeling of wanting to go back to where we came from or be near at least. In my case, just like a sick little child, I still call my mama’s name to feel better.


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