Good morning God!

Posted on: January 21, 2008

Hello God! Good Monday morning! =) I pray this will be a good day for me, or week, even. I hope I’d finish all my pending tasks and that I would be up to my responsibilities. I hope I’d never frown or feel those numbing tugging feeling at the strings of my heart… I pray I’d be smiling always and share the happiness that would be within me.

I pray for the people around me… that they would be up to the challenges that this day and the days ahead would be bringing. I hope to see smiling faces, some gentle nod of approval and hear their laughing hearts.

I pray that I wouldn’t be angry and would not succumb to that hatred that swallows me whole whenever I see those people who have aggravated me or hurt me in one way or another. I pray that this hatred would just go away.

I pray for those who are hurting… that the wounds in their hearts would heal. I pray for the recovery of their faith and the will to live life for its beauty.

Thank you God and I love you! Amen.


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