1st post this new year.

Posted on: January 7, 2008

This post is long overdue… haay. I’ve been meaning to write something here since Christmas…. then New Year… then back to work… But laziness got me and yea, then again, I think there isn’t anything really special to keep my batteries fully re-charged and overly excited to update this blog. But now I’m doing it (I swear, I can’t keep my mind-mouth shut!)

Anyway… Christmas was special as always…although I did nothing really special. It was a time for me to reflect and think things over and what I’ve become since last year. Weird thing is, I really don’t remember what happened or who I was last year. Probably there isn’t much difference. So I spent Christmas and New Year at home with my dear family. I had a good rest during the vacation.. got plenty of hours to sleep… was able to (finally!) clean all the mess I’ve accumulated in 2007 (literally and figuratively speaking!). And now, all I should worry about is what to expect in the days ahead.

In terms of work… I don’t know if it’s proper to say this but it’s like I don’t have any choice. I am already having doubts if I still really do love this work but one thing’s for sure… I wouldn’t leave things hanging. In short, I’m going to finish all my projects before I transfer (if ever there would be a chance… actually, there is an offer but I’m still weighing things…)

My spiritual self… my faith is whole and intact and I would never leave room for anything that would make me go the other way. I am still a self-confessed (whatever you call that person who feels like he doesn’t really belong to any religious group but still believes in the supreme power). And honestly, I don’t want to be hanging anymore, I hope I’d find my ‘home’ soon.

My health…. it’s slowly deteriorating. 2007 was a very sickly year for me. I lost a lot of weight (not only because of my darn braces but because I was sick most of the time). Stress and tension ate me whole. Now, I have these tiny little rashes which was recently diagnosed as ‘pytiriasis lichenoides’ – of unknown cause (stress & tension triggers them though) and very very itchy.. ayyyssshhh… what’s happening to me?!?!

Love-related angst. What?!? hehe… nevermind. I am still convinced I have successfully outwitted that four-letter – harsh, painful, sickening – thing. I was able to control my emotions and let go of the past and probably look back and just shake my head of such absurdity. Now I can really smile. =)

Whatever, Thet. Happy New Year to me and to all..



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