Back to the Real World

Posted on: November 22, 2007

And so… the vacation was over.

Chinchin and I went to Hong Kong last weekend. It was a very short, yet sweet and nice getaway from my troubles back here at ‘home’. It was my first time to make a decision on something huge (at least for me) like that. Thing is she needs to go there to babysit and do some errands for her business, and since she knows how ‘kaladkarin’ I am and how I’ve been going crazy and needed a break, she took me with her. Well, I had to splurge on it but it was actually worth it and it wasn’t really that costly. Kasama ko kaya ang ‘Bangko Sentral ng Tsina’… hehe… Peace Chinchin! I was actually supposed to work there but I didn’t… =)

We left Saturday afternoon and arrived in HK around 7pm. There wasn’t anything much to do that time so we just stayed ‘home’ at her cousin’s flat. The place (Ma On Shan) was quite far – about an hour from Central HK. It was in Kowloon side. Chin’s got three cutesy nephews which we had to babysit. The next day, we got to see Acha, Chin’s friend since highschool. It was really nice to see the two of them reunite since Acha’s already based in HK for good. We went to The Peak – the coldest place I’ve ever been to apart from Baguio and Genting in Malaysia. We took the 30-minute train ride to Shenzen and I was given a five-day visa upon arrival at the station… so yes, I could say I’ve already been to Mainland China… ahaha (for two freaking hours only as we needed to be back in HK by 7pm).

I don’t know what is it with me when I travel but I always get sick. I puked all over HK on our last day. I got this terrible headache where it felt like I have about a dozen bricks on top of my head. The feeling was really awful that I vomit every chance that I got. I didn’t get to eat and boy, I hate the smell of noodles (most of what I ate and barfed out of my system). To top it all, our flight was delayed (Thanks to Cebu Pacific) by four hours from 10pm to 2am. To make it up with the irritated passengers, the airline officers gave us meal vouchers. Nice. Too bad, I can’t really eat yet. But the food was nice so I tried. Then, we just hung out and did all possible means to amuse ourselves – including fafa hunting but to no avail. =) It’s really alarming how the “fishes in the ocean” are becoming scarce these days – kung hindi bakla, taken… sheez! Arrived in Manila past 4am and reached home 30 minutes later.

And, I’m back to reality.


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