Crazy (little) doggie… WonBin-shi

Posted on: November 6, 2007

How can I not love this dog???

Meet WonBin… our one-year old ‘third-gen’ retriever.. he doesn’t look like it na nga… he looks more like a “Chien Dela Rue” (a.k.a. askal… haha!) but equally adorable and cuddly. He’s so big and when he gets excited, he’ll throw his whole weight on you. The next thing you know, you’ve exchanged faces with the ground already.

We call him all kinds of stuff and he remembers… we call him ‘omoni’ (weird but korean term for mother), wonbina, wonbinshi, nini, haramoni (korean term for grandma) and some other unusual names.

Wonbin has all these weird habits that sometimes, I can’t help but doubt if he really is a dog or a man who was cursed to become a dog ala ‘100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd’. Sometimes he barks sounding like a hyper monkey and he doesn’t appreciate anyone patting his head. I get a lot of bruise and scratches from playing with him. And he bites (yes he does!)… bad bad dog…


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