the long weekend.

Posted on: November 5, 2007

Nope, I didn’t go to Laiya last weekend. It was okay though… I got to spend quality time with my family amidst the usual bickering with mom, tug of war with pop for the TV’s remote control and food tripping with ate and kuya. It was indeed a very long weekend for me, I got bored to my wits that I started working Sunday afternoon… hehe… I know, workaholic ako you people would say… But no, it’s just the lack of a better thing to do that drove me to work instead.

I spent most of my time in bed, in the arms of my loving pillows… sleeping. Atleast I was able to make up for those insomniac nights where I was up until 3am, getting up four hours later for work. It was so unhealthy and I tasted my abused body’s sweet revenge when I got sick for two whole weeks. I lost a lot of weight that I was able to fit into that old pair of jeans which I had since first year college. hehe…

I am starting to regain my weight and, to my delight, my appetite. To hell with my braces, I learned to appreciate the value of things (food to be exact) that is already within arms reach but we take for granted and the agony that’s there when you can’t have it. I literally cry over it. I swear I am talking about food and not some heartache. =)

I miss a lot of people during the vacation. I miss Vida and Kai and Tere… I even miss Chinchin and Gela who I know I would see today (Although Gela’s not yet in) I miss Katkat (Happy Birthday!) and my friends back in college. I miss Pocla who hurt me big time the last time we spoke but I miss just the same. I hope she gets well soon. I miss Mira and Mark whom I have no idea if I will ever see again. I miss my cousins Marianne and Ray whom I only get to ‘talk’ to through MySpace and Friendster. I miss my cat Sparkie and my old Samsung phone. I miss walking alone at the airport with a big luggage in tow.

I miss my dead loved ones, even those whom I wasn’t able to meet because they went up to heaven even before I was born. (But no, please don’t visit me… hehe). At the cemetery last November 1, I have heard for the first time some stories about my grandpa (pop’s pop) from an uncle. It was quite a story and I felt a sudden pang of regret that I didn’t get to meet him or be with him. I am just thinking, we could probably have such a tight grandpa-grand daughter bonding. He seemed like a good old cool grandpa… he seemed makulit like my pop. He was probably like my pop. It would probably be nice to have a ‘lolo’ whom you could tell your stories to when you feel like the whole world is against you. My grandpa from mom’s side also died even before I could walk. I have very vague memories of him. I miss my dear ‘Lola Inang’ (mom’s mom) who was the epitome of a perfect grandma. She was a nag alright but she loved all her grandchildren dearly. I remember how in her old age and that small yet stout body, she would carry me when it rains hard because I hate it when my shoes get drenched. Or how she stays the whole time at the back during my kindergarten class because I would cry when she’s out of my sight. Then there’s my Uncle Henry who died at Christmas day two years ago. Among my pop’s brothers, we love him the most because he was responsible and he was the only one who had balls to put food on the table (except of course pop because he has his own family to feed) despite the fact that he’d been living thousands of miles away in the US with his own family. But I am happy for these people ‘coz they are now in peace, somewhere far where people don’t get sad at all.

It’s the first day of work again and I kept promising myself that I’d be productive. But hey, guilty as charged… I, once again, put half my day to waste, staring at a blank monitor, writing novel-like blogs (ahem) and just… well… thinking about the things that I’m supposed to do but I don’t have the energy to do yet. This is what I hate about me. I need to put things in perspective and I have to act rationally. Now…


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