Me and my short short hair… ayshhh…

Posted on: October 25, 2007

I am having regrets… this feeling that I hate the most. This wasn’t suppose to happen. I said I would try very hard to ignore this urge… I knew it would lead me to damnation…

I shouldn’t have cut my hair. And now, I’m missing it already… = (

I was just suppose to accompany my friend Chinchin to this Korean Salon in West of Ayala ‘coz she wants to get her hair fixed. But then, I found all the justification to splurge 500 bucks on my hair (it’s starting to annoy me anyway, I want to sport a short ‘do, I want a new look, blah… blah… blah), I succumbed to my whim and entrusted my mane to this gay Korean guy who probably doesn’t know how to smile. And it was actually my first time to see a Korean gay guy and it amused me a little… ehehe…

It was probably the language. He didn’t understand me or he misunderstood my instructions… I don’t know. As far as I can remember, I was very clear “I want this hairstyle” (while pointing to an image in their hairstyle index… “Not too short… up to here only… (while pointing to a spot just above my boob).

But no. The hair cut was a freaking disaster… it’s too short. I feel like Go Eun Chan / Yoon Eun-Hye (not that I am as pretty as her…hehe) in Coffee Prince. I look like a guy… waaahhh….
I look like this —>>> (I am not as happy as I look believe me…)

Then maybe it has its rewards… This gay guy I saw yesterday at the conference I attended in Tagaytay might actually fall in love with me, thinking that I am a guy… hehe. He looks like Lee Jun Ki.. he’s such an eye candy.. I drooled. Hehe.. Exag. I still can’t get over the fact that he made my heart leaped over Mt. Everest and dropped peach-like the moment he opened his mouth. It was so frustrating. Grr… They say when you’re heart broken, move on… there are still many fishes in the sea. Problem is, these fishes want to eat their own kind… they huddle together… and they f*** (bleep) together. Oh, man!


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