Flu, flu go away…

Posted on: October 8, 2007

Why am I such a weakling? I am down again with a flu – terrible colds and a painful cough. Like the magazine that I am working on, this virus seems to attack me on a bimonthly basis – I usually get infected once every two months.


But my day wasn’t limited to lounging in bed the whole time and sleeping like crazy but instead I am in front of my laptop, typing away some email responses. Plus , the not-so-nice ogre have given me tons (again) to worry about. So what’s new? I might as well carried my ass off to work.

I feel so bad… especially my sinuses. Do you know that awful feeling when you swallowed salt water through your nostrils… bleck! I can’t swallow normally and my air passage is being blocked by gallons of (forgive me, but I have to mention) mucus… ehehe… I wish I could get rid of them with one powerful blow.

My mom’s even blaming me for getting sick. She said it’s my six hour computer marathon yesterday afternoon that gave me the bug. Totally incoherent but hey, mom’s a mom – they think they are always right. I’d say I’ve been exposed to too much radiation (from the PC screen) and this aggravated the situation. The next thing I know I have a high-fever.

I can’t help it, I finally found a site where I could watch Entourage whenever I want – sidereel.com. Try it! It got almost all the American TV Series and even new movies. So nice. I am so hooked and crazy about the Ari-Lloyd tandem. Anyway, I was alternately watching Entourage at sidereel and ‘The Coffee Prince’ at youtube the whole yesterday afternoon. Mom’s probably got a point.

Anyway, I hope I can get to work already tomorrow as I’ve tons of other things to worry about other than this darn flu.

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