I’m hungry, thus, this.

Posted on: September 29, 2007

My horoscope says I have to use my creativity to make dinner and I should invite friends over. Now I believe, it isn’t really true. How can I make dinner when I don’t know how to cook?!? Me and my pathetic self. As a matter of fact, I’m waiting for my kuya to finish cooking pasta for me. I haven’t had any real food since I got my braces until yesterday. I tried eating a full meal at Uncle Kenny’s during lunch and I ended up with a hurting mouth and jaw the rest of the day. Tsk…

Anyway, I’m glad I am somehow getting used to the feeling of having a ‘metal’ in my mouth. But I still can’t eat a decent meal and I sooooo missed it. I have slurred speech (at times), I can’t smile pretty anymore and I drool (hehe). Talk about the perils of having this thing in my mouth… haay. Looking at the brighter side, I am losing a lot of weight. I just hope it wouldn’t be too much ‘coz I don’t wanna be a walking stick. I still have to wear this for eight more months.

Moving on…

Once again, I am in this situation where I am confused about what I want about work. A friend got in touch recently and she wants me to try to get in her company. I’d say it was actually a tempting offer but I still got a lot of plans for my ‘baby’ – the magazine. I really don’t want to leave it hanging just like that. Anyway, as much as I hate the ogre, I love my job and the things that I do. I probably know my answer already.

I still hate ‘E’. I wonder what have I done to him to deserve being treated like a nobody… like someone INVISIBLE and not worthy of his attention. It’s funny how someone so far can affect me this much (or atleast two days ago because I feel okay now). I have decided not to dwell too much on this ‘infatuation’ (as he jack-assly puts it) and move on like I actually don’t care. I know he couldn’t possibly smile for me.


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