Mental Dental

Posted on: September 20, 2007

My teeth have been ripping off my purse… I’m in a serious need of mouth or more like teeth overhaul. I’ve been seeing my dentist for the last couple of days and every time, I feel poorer and poorer… waah!

The last time I went to a doctor because of severe back pains, I was diagnosed with a ‘sensitive nerve’ that might be linked or caused by my ‘lockjaw’… whatever that is. No matter how it seemed weird, it was, after all, normal for me – especially when my back kills me that I can’t sleep at night because of the pain. The solution — I had to wear braces! No, not back braces… as in teeth braces to fix the lockjaw and the underbite (or is this overbite?)

And the cost… geez, I’m really not happy about it. I have to pester my mom to help me with the downpayment and now, I have to cut back and stop spending too much to save the money that’ll be needed to pay the rest of it. I’m starting to do the major ‘money-saving’ thing by:

1. Instead of taking a cab to and from work, I take the Makati Loop FXs in the morning and jeep on my way home.
2. I try to bring packed lunch as much as possible.
3. I don’t go near a mall.
4. I temporarily erased Starbucks and Coffee Bean off my memory.
5. I am cutting back on late night snacks from 7-11 and my mom’s tindahan.

I’ll think of other ways I’m sure and I’m crossing my fingers tight. v(^__^)v


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