Oh no, not another wedding…

Posted on: September 15, 2007

I just came back from one… v(^_^)v

It was Kuya Rod and Angie’s wedding day and as usual, I was moved by the event… I really do love weddings. Even if sometimes, it’s like a rude awakening about my being perpetually single. *sigh* It doesn’t matter really. Aside from the fact that I have a very good reason to be totally dolled up and gorgeous (hehe!) , there is this overwhelming and poignant (Gian, borrow the term ha?!? ehe..) atmosphere that I only get to experience during weddings. It was so nice to see how two different families gather and say all sorts of heartwarming greetings and sweet gestures of welcoming.

It was good ‘coz it made me forget all my work-related angst and I’ve never felt better. =)

My sister caught the bouquet and I was teasing her about it being a premonition… she has to get married… fast! I am excited to be her ‘Maid of Honor’ All my life, I’ve never been really a bridesmaid… yup, at 25! My last participation in a wedding was like 20 years ago as a flower girl in a family friends’ wedding…and they’re not even my relatives. Haha… pathetic.

Can’t help but wonder… when will my day come? I guess it is too soon to think about it, considering that well, I have yet to find my groom. Curious… curious… God, I know you love me and you’ll give me someone worth the wait. =) I’ve always imagined what a perfect wedding would be (at least for me). It will be a beach or a garden wedding. I’d like it to be intimate with only the closest of my family and friends present. Everything would be a glimmering white… my gown, my entourage’s outfit, the flowers… everything. That is exactly how I dreamed about it. Fancy.

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