uhmmm… present!

Posted on: September 6, 2007

yup… I’m still alive! tee-hee…

and so i’ve been missing in action for quite some time. can’t help it, i am a very busy person. naks! really, no kidding… ive been tormented with too much work this week. since i went back to malaysia, i feel like i’ve been zapped into a small ball of anti-social fury. the office must have love me so much that it can’t wait to have me back. a lot of problems were waiting for me. but anyway, everything seems to settle in slowly; thank God.

however, i feel a little bad about being too angry. i had a small ‘fight’ with my friend ‘G’ and we didn’t speak for like two days. all these immature ‘walang-pansinan’ mode just because of a stupid misunderstanding. i really believe in ‘what ifs’. anyway, i am also in a not-so bubbly mode these days but ironically, (and i’m seriously happy about it) i am gaining back my appetite. aza… aza… fighting!!! hehe. glutton mode on. =)

then yesterday morning, my head was chopped off by the offensive rantings by the ogre.. it almost rolled off the floor. and the mongrel used the ‘F’ word on me again! I almost exploded but thank God (you really love me, don’t you?) i was able to control myself and yea, i still have my job. again, i don’t wanna talk about work because it’s not pretty right now.

then there’s this friend who’s been acting like a totally self-absorbed asshole these days. he really got on my last nerves the other day and yesterday and even today. sad though, i miss the old him. i swear, i would nag him ’till i can’t no more when i have the chance.

okay… *kilig* mode on. i was talking (more like YM-ing) with the pretty dude a while ago. gusto ko lang sabihin… pampaganda ng mood. haha! nah, but i really appreciate his efforts to keep in constant communication with me. how he changed from being cold and distant to warm and sweet friend (naks, friend daw)… actually i am hoping for something more. hehe. wishy-wishy. dear guardian angel, make my wish come true *wink*wink…


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