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My horoscope says I have to use my creativity to make dinner and I should invite friends over. Now I believe, it isn’t really true. How can I make dinner when I don’t know how to cook?!? Me and my pathetic self. As a matter of fact, I’m waiting for my kuya to finish cooking pasta for me. I haven’t had any real food since I got my braces until yesterday. I tried eating a full meal at Uncle Kenny’s during lunch and I ended up with a hurting mouth and jaw the rest of the day. Tsk…

Anyway, I’m glad I am somehow getting used to the feeling of having a ‘metal’ in my mouth. But I still can’t eat a decent meal and I sooooo missed it. I have slurred speech (at times), I can’t smile pretty anymore and I drool (hehe). Talk about the perils of having this thing in my mouth… haay. Looking at the brighter side, I am losing a lot of weight. I just hope it wouldn’t be too much ‘coz I don’t wanna be a walking stick. I still have to wear this for eight more months.

Moving on…

Once again, I am in this situation where I am confused about what I want about work. A friend got in touch recently and she wants me to try to get in her company. I’d say it was actually a tempting offer but I still got a lot of plans for my ‘baby’ – the magazine. I really don’t want to leave it hanging just like that. Anyway, as much as I hate the ogre, I love my job and the things that I do. I probably know my answer already.

I still hate ‘E’. I wonder what have I done to him to deserve being treated like a nobody… like someone INVISIBLE and not worthy of his attention. It’s funny how someone so far can affect me this much (or atleast two days ago because I feel okay now). I have decided not to dwell too much on this ‘infatuation’ (as he jack-assly puts it) and move on like I actually don’t care. I know he couldn’t possibly smile for me.


I’ve actually posted this blog in my multiply but dang, I didn’t see it when I refreshed the page… it must’ve been too dramatic and pathetic that even my site refused to show it…

Anyway, this post was about my stupid, old rantings about my frustration about this boy *there’s this boy and he kind’a has my heart* Now, I’d say he HAD my heart.

I am so frustrated yesterday when I learned (with a little bit of proof) that this guy that I have had my big eyes on for two years, two months, eleven days, four hours and fifteen minutes (as of yesterday afternoon) is nothing but a big ball of a jackass. I refuse to elaborate further.

My teeth have been ripping off my purse… I’m in a serious need of mouth or more like teeth overhaul. I’ve been seeing my dentist for the last couple of days and every time, I feel poorer and poorer… waah!

The last time I went to a doctor because of severe back pains, I was diagnosed with a ‘sensitive nerve’ that might be linked or caused by my ‘lockjaw’… whatever that is. No matter how it seemed weird, it was, after all, normal for me – especially when my back kills me that I can’t sleep at night because of the pain. The solution — I had to wear braces! No, not back braces… as in teeth braces to fix the lockjaw and the underbite (or is this overbite?)

And the cost… geez, I’m really not happy about it. I have to pester my mom to help me with the downpayment and now, I have to cut back and stop spending too much to save the money that’ll be needed to pay the rest of it. I’m starting to do the major ‘money-saving’ thing by:

1. Instead of taking a cab to and from work, I take the Makati Loop FXs in the morning and jeep on my way home.
2. I try to bring packed lunch as much as possible.
3. I don’t go near a mall.
4. I temporarily erased Starbucks and Coffee Bean off my memory.
5. I am cutting back on late night snacks from 7-11 and my mom’s tindahan.

I’ll think of other ways I’m sure and I’m crossing my fingers tight. v(^__^)v

Ari Gold rules!!!


I just came back from one… v(^_^)v

It was Kuya Rod and Angie’s wedding day and as usual, I was moved by the event… I really do love weddings. Even if sometimes, it’s like a rude awakening about my being perpetually single. *sigh* It doesn’t matter really. Aside from the fact that I have a very good reason to be totally dolled up and gorgeous (hehe!) , there is this overwhelming and poignant (Gian, borrow the term ha?!? ehe..) atmosphere that I only get to experience during weddings. It was so nice to see how two different families gather and say all sorts of heartwarming greetings and sweet gestures of welcoming.

It was good ‘coz it made me forget all my work-related angst and I’ve never felt better. =)

My sister caught the bouquet and I was teasing her about it being a premonition… she has to get married… fast! I am excited to be her ‘Maid of Honor’ All my life, I’ve never been really a bridesmaid… yup, at 25! My last participation in a wedding was like 20 years ago as a flower girl in a family friends’ wedding…and they’re not even my relatives. Haha… pathetic.

Can’t help but wonder… when will my day come? I guess it is too soon to think about it, considering that well, I have yet to find my groom. Curious… curious… God, I know you love me and you’ll give me someone worth the wait. =) I’ve always imagined what a perfect wedding would be (at least for me). It will be a beach or a garden wedding. I’d like it to be intimate with only the closest of my family and friends present. Everything would be a glimmering white… my gown, my entourage’s outfit, the flowers… everything. That is exactly how I dreamed about it. Fancy.

yup… I’m still alive! tee-hee…

and so i’ve been missing in action for quite some time. can’t help it, i am a very busy person. naks! really, no kidding… ive been tormented with too much work this week. since i went back to malaysia, i feel like i’ve been zapped into a small ball of anti-social fury. the office must have love me so much that it can’t wait to have me back. a lot of problems were waiting for me. but anyway, everything seems to settle in slowly; thank God.

however, i feel a little bad about being too angry. i had a small ‘fight’ with my friend ‘G’ and we didn’t speak for like two days. all these immature ‘walang-pansinan’ mode just because of a stupid misunderstanding. i really believe in ‘what ifs’. anyway, i am also in a not-so bubbly mode these days but ironically, (and i’m seriously happy about it) i am gaining back my appetite. aza… aza… fighting!!! hehe. glutton mode on. =)

then yesterday morning, my head was chopped off by the offensive rantings by the ogre.. it almost rolled off the floor. and the mongrel used the ‘F’ word on me again! I almost exploded but thank God (you really love me, don’t you?) i was able to control myself and yea, i still have my job. again, i don’t wanna talk about work because it’s not pretty right now.

then there’s this friend who’s been acting like a totally self-absorbed asshole these days. he really got on my last nerves the other day and yesterday and even today. sad though, i miss the old him. i swear, i would nag him ’till i can’t no more when i have the chance.

okay… *kilig* mode on. i was talking (more like YM-ing) with the pretty dude a while ago. gusto ko lang sabihin… pampaganda ng mood. haha! nah, but i really appreciate his efforts to keep in constant communication with me. how he changed from being cold and distant to warm and sweet friend (naks, friend daw)… actually i am hoping for something more. hehe. wishy-wishy. dear guardian angel, make my wish come true *wink*wink…

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