God of wonders

Posted on: August 15, 2007

I have, once again, felt God’s greatness this morning as I was on my way to work.

The sky was a murderous, pitch-black when I woke up but it was just drizzling. By the time my brother and I went out to go to work, the sky was crying like it never would again. The downpour was so heavy that roads were almost flooded and people waiting for transportation were huddling like babies in sheds and covered corners. As expected, we had the most yet difficult time in finding a cab. Most of the taxi drivers were mean, asking for double fare rates or more while the rest refused to take us in. For fear that my brother, who just got well from a flu, would get drenched, I asked him to stay at that covered spot. I stood by the gutter, waving my arms frantically to every cab passing by, with only one weapon at hand – my little transparent umbrella. I must’ve looked really pitiful because after about 20 minutes of standing there, seriously looking like I would cry any minute because I’m really drenched and cold and totally afraid of the alternate thunder-lightning-thunder symphony, a cab with a passenger (already!) stopped in front of me. The driver asked if our way was to Ayala because it’s his passenger’s destination. I said yes at once and we rode the cab – totally soaked and cold. I probably could’ve thanked him a thousand times and would never get tired of it. I swear I could’ve seen his wings and halo… I was still thinking if he’s some sort of a guardian angel. He made my day. I couldn’t thank God enough also for sending him… =)

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