Rainy Days on Wednesdays…

Posted on: August 8, 2007

Surprise… surprise!

Our company was kind enough to let everybody take a rest for the day – announcing early this morning that work was canceled because of the heavy downpour. I mean I could never be thankful that the good Bathala has finally answered our prayers and quenched this very very dry (and thirsty) land with a taste of nourishment. Rainy season was suppose to start more than a month ago but all we got was this abnormal weather play of alternate sunny and rainy and humid, which actually pose a great threat to our usually healthy lives.

My peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted by the harsh hammering of torrential raindrops on the rooftop. It sounded as if someone was banging the door in panic; it wasn’t really nice. And so I slept some more until my mom woke me up for work. Then I read Sheryl and Wayne’s kind announcement through text messages that hoorahhh, we have no work today!

Then I remembered, I’ve got tons to finish… darn… good thing I brought my laptop home with me… *sigh* the downsides of it *sigh*


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