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At last, I got an update about the whereabouts of kim jae won… hehe… heard he’s just done an MV with Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai…Here’s a clip…

Looks like he lost some pounds… got a bit skinnier but cute (for me!) just the same v(^_^)v


What can I possibly be doing on a Monday afternoon? The usual thing would be finishing some work at my workstation while strongly fighting the urge to snooze even for just a bit. Or I’ll be having a late lunch. But today is different.

Today, at 2pm in the afternoon, I am [indian] sitting at the arrival lounge of KL International Airport, luggages in tow while listening to the hubbub of the people scuttling around me. I am watching sweet time pass me by as I immerse myself in a world that I had never seen before. Here, I am alone. I hear people talking but there is just no way to decipher their words; I can’t understand them. Here I sit furiously typing at my laptop, thinking what I would do for the rest of the day, kind of feeling hostaged in a foreign land. I am so desperate to go home.
What can possibly g wrong after an unforgettable weekend? I thought by now, my plane would be kissing the Philippine soil already and I’d be back in the comforting sheets of my bed in about two hours. I didn’t see it coming. I was so sure everything would be fine. But then…

I missed my morning flight back to Manila. My flight was at 10:20 this morning and I arrived here at the airport at 10am. After all the arrangements and preparations with my transportation, everything felt like it went wrong.

Stories later… Gotta catch the Express Train back to Sentral… haay.

And though I am friggin’ (what does friggin’ mean anyway?) annoyed by you…

yup… yup… yup…


I’ve been staying in Malaysia for three days now but I haven’t actually been around much. The farthest I got was when I had meetings in the Subang Jaya area where I literally spent my whole day at. I thought I will get lost because I had to take a cab from destination 1 to the Subang Parade mall. I’d say it was some sort of an adventure – being in a foreign land, all by yourself. Sure I have a super nice officemate who makes an effort to drive me to and from my hotel and the office but the point is I want to walk the streets of KL and take lots of pictures and just enjoy the fact that I am really here. It’ just so sad, I can’t do that now ‘coz of work and I don’t really wanna ask the favor from the people here. Pfftt..

Tomorrow’s another day and it has a promise. I will finally see the Twin Towers… the conference I’ll be attending will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center which is like one fart away or something.. so, yey.

Anyway, I met this guy at the airport on my way here. He’s an American or something… not really sure but he’s actually nice. Been asking me out to dinner since I got out of the plane. Err… a little off I’d say so no, thanks.

What I’m really excited about this whole KL thing is my weekend. Not because I’d be seeing E for the first time again in months (who am I kidding?hehe) nah, no sh*t, but come weekend, I’ll be able to go around without even thinking about work and stuff… and not bothering about wearing office outfit which is so darn a stress! I’ve only brought a few pairs of clothes… hay.

updates laterz…

and now i pop the dreaded question: how do you know when you’re starting to like… i mean really like someone? do you rely on your instincts and go with the roller coaster emotions of loving and hating the feeling at the same time? do you feel awfully stupid whenever you crave the attention that isn’t there? do you transform into someone unreasonable and cheesy and unpredictably moody?

is it normal to wish that he’d give you a wave or a smile; a friendly but equally annoying remark that was carefully thought of to amuse the sh*t out of you? is it selfish to want him to smile only for you?

wala. gusto ko lang itanong.

I have, once again, felt God’s greatness this morning as I was on my way to work.

The sky was a murderous, pitch-black when I woke up but it was just drizzling. By the time my brother and I went out to go to work, the sky was crying like it never would again. The downpour was so heavy that roads were almost flooded and people waiting for transportation were huddling like babies in sheds and covered corners. As expected, we had the most yet difficult time in finding a cab. Most of the taxi drivers were mean, asking for double fare rates or more while the rest refused to take us in. For fear that my brother, who just got well from a flu, would get drenched, I asked him to stay at that covered spot. I stood by the gutter, waving my arms frantically to every cab passing by, with only one weapon at hand – my little transparent umbrella. I must’ve looked really pitiful because after about 20 minutes of standing there, seriously looking like I would cry any minute because I’m really drenched and cold and totally afraid of the alternate thunder-lightning-thunder symphony, a cab with a passenger (already!) stopped in front of me. The driver asked if our way was to Ayala because it’s his passenger’s destination. I said yes at once and we rode the cab – totally soaked and cold. I probably could’ve thanked him a thousand times and would never get tired of it. I swear I could’ve seen his wings and halo… I was still thinking if he’s some sort of a guardian angel. He made my day. I couldn’t thank God enough also for sending him… =)

I can’t remember when did I ever start to become a workaholic. I always see myself as someone who has life beyond the confines of the corporate war zone, but the way I see it now, I am in the middle of it – not caring one bit to get pass through the safety border. I am not enjoying it but it gets me too preoccupied that it makes me forget about my other troubles.

Since the company gave me the ‘honor’ of granting me my own laptop, I usually find myself immersed at work, this little devil at hand, squeezing thoughts out of my mind. I can’t even stand not checking work-related emails during weekends. My unni says this is becoming an addiction – a very bad habit. And what can I say, I totally agree.

It’s just that it seems that my work has no clear ending. It’s the kind of job that doesn’t just rest. When I finish an issue (content developments and all), I have to source [contents] for the next one. Although we have a regular pool of writers, it would need a lot of following-up and sometimes, it’s just so tiring. On top of these, we are on a constant lookout for possible contributors, events to sponsor or partner with, potential advertisers – which turns me into a sales and marketing at a snap of a finger! I really didn’t imagine myself pleasing the sh*ts out of somebody to win a deal. It’s not bad actually; it just isn’t me.

I often get bashing from the high and mighty ‘ogre; whenever I pose this attitude, flashing on and off on my forehead. He’s right when he says that as a team leader, one should be able to take accountability for everything that’s been happening within the group. Entonces, excuses, reasoning or whatever-you-call-it are deemed unacceptable.


As I often tell my friend Chinchin, I am probably ‘crossing-over’ from a perpetually-disoriented-and-disgruntled-employee to a someone who has finally saw things from beyond that borderline. In other words, thinking responsibly. But this doesn’t necessarily translate to acting like a total stuck up, arrogant, money-eyed tyrant who thinks psyching out people and making their lives miserable would make himself better than the others. That is, generally speaking. =)

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