Domesticated Sunday

Posted on: July 29, 2007

And I thought this would be a rest day for me. I woke up to my mom’s morning nagging… She’s arguing with my pop… she has to go to a church meeting and pop was so pissed about her being too preoccupied with that church thing. Anyway, I was forced to get up to ‘man’ our store (which I totally despise!)

I did my laundry, I cooked rice (which I’m still not an expert all these years) and I fed Wonbin. I was doing a lot of house chores and they felt very new to me. Probably because I am not used to doing them anymore. I felt tired so easily.

Come to think of it… it is probably time that I learn and get used to doing such things. No more Ms. Prinsesa this time…


I don’t mean to be a total prat and an over-sensitive whining schmuck but I am really really upset with some people. When I was in Cebu, a friend (out of the blue), sent me a message just to let me know that our friends from the other side of the world called her up. She was all jolly and excited and (I dunno) but I kind of sensed a little bragging that our so-called friends still do get in-touch with her (but not me). I really don’t know but I really felt jealous. It’s probably bad and I kind of over-reacted. But I just feel like despite all my efforts to get in-touch with them and keep them updated of what’s been happening to me and my interest to know what’s been happening to them(that sometimes I feel like sobrang nagpapapansin na ko), they don’t seem to appreciate it. I haven’t heard from them in months now and it really saddens me. It’s like I already missed the important happenings in their lives and I just wanted them to feel that ‘hey, even though we’re like heavens apart, I still care for you guys’ but they don’t seem to care about me anymore. I know I sound too paranoid and immature but I really can’t help but feel it. No birthday greetings, no occasional ‘How’s life and what’s up with you these days’, no whatever…
Oo, nagtatampo ako. I hate this word really. But it’s what I feel right now.
I just miss you guys… =(

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