Ladyholden is no fictional

Posted on: July 28, 2007

The clouds were already murderous black when I gazed up on the sky on my way home from a small tittle-tattle with old friends at the mall. It was a threat of an imminent heavy downpour. The angry whoosshhh of the wind was like catcalls alarming the hell out of me. I reached our gate just in time as Wonbin, our deranged half-mongrel, half-retriever floundered his whole weight on me, paws trying to scratch my creamy blue chiffon dress, the sky cried with all its might. I am safely back home.


Wala lang, sometimes I like describing things as if I am a fictional character. Well, I’d like to be one. Probably because it is an easy way out of this sometimes very mundane life; I just had to exist for my author-creator. I just had to be what I am bound to be. And if he gets tired of me, he can just kill me in the end. The end.

But no, I am real. Pinch me, I’ll whimper; stab me, I’ll bleed.

Thus, I feel pain – physical,emotional, mental, spiritual — name it. I get abused, I get tired. I get lousy, I get fired up. On the other hand, I have faith, I have emotional scars. (Okay, this sounds like a poem already!) My point is, I am happy I am alive. I feel life pulsating through my veins and I breathe (a very polluted air though). So I am living life to the best of my capacity. As a dear friend used to tell me : “Live each day as if it is your last!” That way, you’ll never miss out on anything. And so, I am trying… desperately to win this battle over the intricacies life is yet to offer.


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