At the zoo.

Posted on: June 15, 2007

Wow. After 17 long years, I got to go back to Manila Zoo again. As my friend Wayne lovingly puts it, I am such a pathetic loser. Gagung yun. What can I do? Going there to see a bunch of animals isn’t really in my priority list; and what would I need an animal for when I see him every single day? hehe… peace Wayne.

And so this afternoon, we went to Manila Zoo. Our company will have an outreach program in an orphanage and they will bring the kids to the zoo. But since I will not be around at that time (to my dismay! I love outreach programs!), Wayne brought me along to his “Ocular Inspection” daw. Yea, right.

And though I was really excited at first and thankful that Wayne-ski brought me along, my initial 15 minutes of endless walking around empty and unkempt cages actually tired me off. Not to mention, the whole place sort of stunk… Sabi nga niya, “Helleeeeerrr… zoo kaya ito?!?” And half the time, I was clinging like crazy to his bag, afraid that a man carrying a snake would just pop out from nowhere. I swear I’d die right there and then.

We don’t even have a decent camera to ‘record’ one of the most forgettable moments of my life… hehe. Thanks to our camera phones, we were able to take a few shots. Here’s some of the animals I saw…

A sleeping bearcat sticking out its tongue…

A bunch of shy peacocks

Cuddly rabbits (& hamsters)

Big Fish! (Arwana) It’s sooo big I swear I could ride on its back…

And my most favorite… tadaaaannnn…

Errr… I was actually talking about the ostrich. Pramis. tee-hee

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