Come and gone… then came again.

Posted on: June 9, 2007

This post is eight hours delayed.

I literally jumped out of bed the moment I opened my eyes and realized that today is yet again another Business Unit Heads meeting and I’m in for another bashing treat from my boss who just came back from an out-of-the-country business trip. I had a migraine… a blinding one but then again, i had to force myself to go to the office.

Surprise. Surprise. The ogre seems to be in an okay mood today. No shouting, there wasn’t much bashing. I was actually preparing for myself for something worse; but I guess God loves me too much that he spared me the agony (headache and all). I can never thank him enough.

I had lunch with ChinChin at my favorite restaurant in Greenbelt – Kitchen ano pa?!? =) It was nice… that feeling of just being with a friend on a humid Saturday afternoon, eating to our tummies’ content and just talking. No bullshitting, just plain old tsismisan asaran talk. We talked about work, about issues, about movies, about Singapore, about our passion to be out there in the world, about our non-existent (but probably existent) lovelives and a lot of other things. It seemed surreal that about a couple of weeks ago, we weren’t even talking and now, it’s back to the old us. I definitely wouldn’t trade this for anything.

However, it is just so sad to be yet in another situation where you’re being torn away from another person just because there are situations where you just can’t find your place. You seemed confuse, you feel bad, you’re easily offended… I feel those right now. And I hope I can get pass through them without having to let go of the so-called friendship.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a happy blog. I am that anyway… or atleast I try to be.

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