Nagsimula and lahat kay Apeng Daldal.

Posted on: May 23, 2007

A random conversation between Thet and Gela one boring Tuesday afternoon.

(Thet flipping through the pages of a magazine. Sees a photo of a guy who looks like a quintessential ‘intsik beho’. Gets excited and turns to Gela)

Thet: Gela! ‘Di ba mahilig ka rin sa oriental looking? (Tries very hard to conceal a shippish grin)

Gela: (Looking up from her PC) Ewww… kadiri, kamukha ni Apeng Daldal! (Imaagine her uttering these words continuously without even breathing)


Now, my question is: Who the friggin’ f*ck is Apeng Daldal? Who is Chichay? Chichay by the way looks like one of our officemates (according to she-devil Gela). Unfortunately, I can’t remember Chichay’s face; but I do know who Gela’s referring to. Bad bad bad. =P


Then, there’s this long list of song bloopers from myself and some, I heard people singing (with great conviction!). In my case, believe me, I’m just being honest; obviously i got the lyrics wrong (and I know they are because they don’t make any sense) but it’s just funny… =) Sample nga!

From 98 Degrees’ Hardest Thing
Original Lyrics: Like Dr. Zhivago, all my love I’ll be sending
Thet’s Lyrics: Sama ka sa Chicago (C’mon hey…)

From Earth Wind and Fire’s Every Now and Then
Original Lyrics: Every now and then, I find myself wondrin’ about you baby
Girl in the bathroom lyrics: Every now and then, you are my prind… hmmm… hmmmm…

From All For One’s I Swear
Original Lyrics: I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky
I swear by the shadow that’s by your side
My friend’s lyrics: I swear by the moon and the stars up above
And I swear by the shadow that’s following around (whaaat???)

Hehe. Patikim pa lang yan. I just want to make myself smile.


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