Sickly miming and a zillion other thoughts.

Posted on: May 21, 2007

Wow. It’s raining. It really is! I wouldn’t say that this is the first rain of the season but this is the first rain that I had actually seen and touched. The first one was when I was imprisoned in the office and the other one, while I was sleeping like a baby, trying to bear an excruciating migraine. I’m just so happy it rained =)During such times, there’s nothing more home-my than a cup of soup, watching Conan O’Brian laughing like a madcow on the tube and me on my bed, covered in pillows. *Sigh*

On with my story. Once again, I took a sick leave because I have a loose bowel movement (yep, LBM) and I’ve been throwing up all my guts out since this morning. I had this horrible feeling the moment I was awakened by a stomach-ache at around 5 am. It must be something I ate yesterday. My sister was actually as sick as I am but I guess she’s gutsy enough to still go to work in that condition. I, on the other hand, submitted to my weak persona and decided to just rest. Anyway, my dad’s also home so I have a company. This morning, I was all set to go to work – did take a bath, I was all dressed-up and then… bummer…. my stomach growled again and I spent the next 30 minutes inside the loo, hanging on for dear life. It felt like all my insides were meaning to get out. It was horrible.

I’ve just noticed how I am becoming a ‘sickly miming’ these past few weeks – migraine, allergic-rhinitis, muscle pains, chest pains and nausea, and now, digestive problems. Am I becoming unhealthy? The last time I went to the doctor was during our office annual check up (last January I think) and there wasn’t any bad diagnosis. So I wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

Probably, tiring myself – physically and emotionally – is already taking its toll on me. I’ve been thinking about gazillion of things these days (and you’d wonder where the hell am I digging up such kind of thoughts) and it really is tiring. Sometimes I feel so restless and there’s this heavy lump inside, sort of an air-passage block that I think I could just scream and cry out. I want to know if I am nearing a nervous breakdown of some sort so if I really am, I can still do something about it. Whenever people ask me what makes my life difficult these days, I’d stare out into space and rummage through my head if everything in my life right now is really that bad. I always get the same answers – nothing in my life is wrong; it’s the way I handle them that is.

I always think of myself as that happy person who can always carry the cross no matter how big it may be. And I was. But right now, I think I am just a person who – just like everyone else – Jesus carried the cross for because there are times that I just can’t. My conscience fires up every time I succumb to hopelessness, hatred and envy because there are more people out there who are currently in more life-threatening situations than me. It somehow tells me that I have no reason to anguish, or if there is, I have a lot more reasons to celebrate life because I still have a lot of blessings. I need to count them again to remind me how lucky I am. And with these in mind, I find reasons to regain my strength and go out into the world with higher hopes this time.


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