election blah.

Posted on: May 17, 2007

This post is three days overdue.

I remember writing a couple of paragraphs yesterday and saving it as draft but when I opened my blog… voila… it was… gone! Haay…

Anyway, I was writing something about the elections and my anticipation of who’s going to be given the political scepters once again. On top of that, I would like to know if Chiz Escudero will be topping the hoard. I like him a lot. =)

In the last couple of days since the elections, I’ve been browsing through all possible sources of quick counts, surveys, exit polls and whatnot (yihee… whatnot daw o…) On a hopeful note, I just want the elections over and done with. No matter how grandiose the press releases are on its becoming a little more peaceful than the previous ones, I’d still say bullsh*t.

More than a hundred cases of election-related crimes have already been reported and still counting. The same old crap on who’s being cheated and who’s cheating are still plaguing news everywhere. Yesterday, I watched Manny Pacquiao protesting about election returns that allegedly violates COMELEC rules and, therefore, should be considered void. Talk about being desperate. I heard his contender knocked him out. Nothing against him but I just think he’s not for politics. We have so much nincompoops sitting their bums to numbness already both in the senate and the congress. Need I say more?

And then, this morning, I watched Anthony Taberna grill this Comelec official about their sudden decision to question broadcast companies on the media counts. They smell propaganda in the air; I smell conspiracy.

But then again, I promised myself that I’d be less interested in this kind of things. I’ve got enough worries to keep myself locked in hell for about a lifetime. I am just thankful that no more low-budgeted annoying election jingles will wake me up in the morning; there will be no more unfamiliar faces or strangers wearing brightly-colored vests with screaming ‘Vote for WHOEVER!’ will suddenly shake my hand and ask me to vote for the a**wipe; I’ll be able to watch the local channels without these political ads popping up every nano second; no more pro-penoy… ay, pinoy pala =)

I am just so happy.

Now, I wonder if faffy Chiz Escudero will still make it to the top.


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