Home Arrest

Posted on: May 10, 2007

I woke up this morning with a blinding headache. I can’t even open my eyes because it was too painful; it felt like the light could blind me. I was also feeling nauseous that I wanted to throw-up. My sister said it was probably a migraine. I think it has got to do with my eyes. I probably need to visit my eye doctor again… tsk.

Since I was literally a walking zombie, I stayed home and slept literally the whole day. This felt good because I haven’t had a decent sleep in the last few days. Note to self: Never drink Sulawesi coffee and Vanilla Affogato combined when you’re just a few hours away from hitting the sack; you’ll have a hard time getting the shut eye! I got the nagging from Gela yesterday that I only got to drink one (one!) cup the whole day. It was painful.

I can’t help but feel a little guilty for taking the time off from work today. I now I sound like a martyr-moron but I’ve got piles of pending work sitting like sh*t on my table. It feels weird that during those times that I sit on my huge bonbon chair at work, my bum feels like being grilled that I can’t wait to get away from it. Funny, now I miss it.

Somehow it feels liberating to just forget about work and indulge in the things that I so love to do like sleeping, watching K-Dramas the whole day, reading and munching on junkfood ’till my tummy aches. But I know I always can’t so I’m taking this sweet time off from work to somehow please myself. I’ve always wanted a long vacation. No, not the out-of-town or out-of-the-country type, (though that would be lovely)but just a vacation at home, bumming myself out ’till I realize how sweet the outside world is.


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