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It may not show because I am the mother of all ‘malditas’ and the so-called prodigal daughter in our family, but I love my Ate Lani more than anybody else in the world. =) She’s been my twin sister (despite our three-year gap). She’s always been the understanding one between us two; I’ve always been the little devil.


I know in about a year you’ll get married and I’ll be alone. I’m so used to sharing a room with you; sharing everything with you. And do you know? I get jealous over someone else getting your attention? Yes, I am that brat who always want my big sister by my side no matter what. I am that selfish little twerp who wants everything for herself with my big sister giving me that approving nod.

You’ll always be my pink five and I, your yellow four. (Yep, kuya will still be that bratty blue three). We’ll always gush about Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jae Won and watch Korean dramas & movies together. We’ll always submit to our childish whim to go gaga over Taiwanese and Japanese boybands and Hallyu actors. To me, we are forever juvenile.

I’m sorry I always make you cry. I throw your things away (or even throw things at you) when we fight. I’m sorry I was cruel to all your ex-boyfriends (by the way, I didn’t like all of them). I’m sorry you have to say sorry to me first even if sometimes I was the one who created the mess. Mian hamnida unni.

Happy Birthday! Aylachu. MWAH! v(^_^)v


haaayyyy… my life’s been one big drain these past few days. I feel like I’ve been a walking zombie. Ironically though, I really can’t understand how I feel – confused, angry, mad, sad, frustrated, etc. I hate it that I’m becoming a pessimist.

I miss being happy. I miss laughing like it would be my last. I miss a lot of people. I even miss people whom I get to see everyday. I miss talking about dreams and what-we-want-to-be-when-we-grow-old-and-withered kind of conversations. I miss hanging out at Starbucks. I miss listening to the songs that me and my friends used to play a dozen times a day without anyone of us ever complaining. I miss those quiet moments when I just stare at the far horizon (Manila Bay, that is) while listening to Pachelbel Canon in D. I miss buying breakfast at Mr. Donuts and eating lunch from Jolly Jeep.

Then again, it’s probably not these things that I’ve mentioned that I miss. I just probably miss the old times; the way it was – my comfort zone.

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