Posted on: March 28, 2007

Grr… my computer went dead (aysshhh!) Anyway, I was suppose to post this one a week ago when I was feeling really really down — like I was having some sort of a quarter-life crisis. But hey, I feel good now =)

The past few days have been very unhealthy for me — emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was a wreck; a miserable soul who could snap (loose screws) at any moment. Seriously, I was afraid I’d just snap like that *thet snapping her fingers*

It was all too much. Thanks to Gela, my dear friend who keeps me sane amidst this chaotic phase and her own craziness; I survive… Aza!

I was too disheartened and stressed about work that all I had were evil thoughts about the nasty ogre (you know whom I referring to) and this dark, cold, psyche-battering place called ‘hell’. Need I say more? Nah.

Anyway, a week has passed and I feel like I already came to my senses. After days of crying (I am really such a tear-jerker), staring at blank spaces for what seemed like eternity, I am back to my old self- perky, bubbly, happy.

But I still hate every person who’s making my life miserable. I’ll get back at you.


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