March 12, 2007

Posted on: March 11, 2007

It’s my birthdaaaaayyyyy!!!

Mom says I was born at exactly 12:45 am…

I dunno but I really am extremely happy whenever this day approaches. Probably, I’ve never been thankful that I am here… I have a pretty normal and decent life and I am with the people whom I cherish the most.

And for this… I could never thank God enough.

My family was kind’a excited too… we celebrated a day earlier. I spent half my day in 168 Mall though, hoping to buy some good finds. On the way there, I came across these street children who were happily wallowing in the big fountain by the Binondo Plaza. They were shouting “Ate, ate, picture naman jan!” And so with my ever-reliable Samsung Camera-phone, I froze that wonderful scene in time.

Hmm… 25 years is really not that bad… I would say I’ve done a lot of good things already that could win me a de luxe reservation at the book of life up there (hehe). I am still living with my parents but I have a pretty good pay and a job that I love. (Although you know for a fact that I wouldn’t consider whom or where I really work for a blessing). And yes, by the way, I am still single. How many more years should I endure before I get hitched again (not that I am too eager to be). I just miss the feeling… nyahaha!

I have a lot of wishes. And first on my list is WORLDPEACE. Seriously, not trying to be Ms. America (or Philippines) at all… but hey, we needed that badly.

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