Waaahhh… I am so delayed…

Posted on: March 6, 2007

Nope… I am not talking about my period… So there’s no fear of me being pregnant or whatsoever (ano yun, immaculate conception? hahaha!)

Anyway, the 3rd issue of Asian Quality is sooooo delayed. Probably it’s my fault… I basked too much on procrastination that this is what I’m getting now. Hmmm.. probably my current ‘confusion’ about my ‘work’ is also adding up to this.

I am (or was?) suppose to transfer to this newswire company but it hasn’t (didn’t?) materialized yet. The girl I am talking to in the company told me she’s giving me a call back this week. But I had doubts about it. Not because they wouldn’t give me the call back but because I feel not too secure in the company. They couldn’t answer me when I asked about the benefits that I’ll be entitled to. All I know is that I will be one of the editors who will handle monthly newsletters, interview expats, write tons of copies and nothing more.

I had a good talk with Chin-Chin last Saturday (while we were pigging out at Kitchen in Greenbelt). It wasn’t that she tried to convince me to stay but she actually laid out the pros and cons. And I actually did a lot of thinking myself last Friday. As for the ‘bitching’ of the ogre, I guess Chin tried to do something about it, telling him how inappropriate it is. In fairness, the ogre wasn’t too monstrous during our last Business Unit Heads Meeting. He was actually… in fact… smiling. Yay! The visual is still scary!

Anyway, I’m missing the whole point of this blog. I am truly concern about AQ. I’ve had enough of pressures but hell, do I have a choice? Whether I transfer or not, WORK ITSELF IS PRESSURE. And people work to survive, to live. It’s a vicious cycle nobody can stop. Bottomline is I have vowed (once again) to focus on AQ (not the person. the person has long been dead. kidding!) and make my stay here worth it. I once told myself that I will only leave this company when my next step is really really big like going abroad. But I am not saying that I’ll be here until I can bear no more. Once I see that sparkling light of opportunity, I’ll be all for it. Adios hell on earth.

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